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Japanese Knife Co. to introduces Premium Japanese Scissors

We are proud to introduce a new addition to our family. 

They are...

Premium Japanese Scissors!

Yes, we are not kidding. 

Last year, we introduced Japanese Knife Co. to be part of our Dream of Japan brads, and so many people loved the quality of the knives we provide. 

The history and craftsmanship of Japanese knife-making date back hundreds of years, and the fantastic technique has been adapted to knives and scissors as well.

Hidden Gem for Hair Stylists

We are proud to introduce the hidden gem for all the hair stylists outside Japan. 

Very few have had access to these fantastic scissors, and we are excited to be the first to introduce them outside Japan.  

Vivid Scissors

Meet Japanese Convex Scissors

Japanese scissors technique not only inherited sword katana making but also evolved into a technique called convex. 

Convex scissors, commonly used in hairdressing and barbering, refer to a specific type of Japanese scissor blade design. The key characteristics of convex scissors are:

  1. Blade Shape: The blades of convex scissors are curved outward into a convex shape, much like the exterior of a circle. This design provides a very sharp edge that makes these scissors ideal for slicing and creating smooth, clean cuts.

  2. Sharp Edge: Convex scissors are known for their extremely sharp edges, which are honed to a fine point. This allows for precise cutting, making them popular for techniques like slide cutting or texturizing.

  3. Smooth Cutting Experience: The curved blade design allows for a smoother, quieter cutting experience. This is particularly beneficial for stylists who perform a lot of detailed work or require a high level of precision in their cuts.

  4. Material and Construction: Convex scissors are typically made from high-quality stainless steel or similar durable materials. They are often lighter and more ergonomically designed than traditional beveled-edge scissors, reducing hand fatigue during long cutting sessions.

  5. Maintenance: Due to their sharp edge, convex scissors require regular maintenance and careful handling. They need to be sharpened professionally to maintain their edge and should be stored properly to avoid damage.

Convex scissors are favored by many professional hairdressers and barbers for their precision and ease of use, especially in creating modern hairstyles that require a high degree of accuracy and smoothness.

Vivid Convex Scissors

First-time Outside Japan (again!)

We are proud to bring them first time outside Japan. 

Sounds familiar? 

Yes, we were the first to bring Sugarcane Soil Tea through Japanese Green Tea Co., Sumiyaki coffee through Japanese Coffee Co., and Handmade Sword Kitchen Knife via Japanese Knife Co

Now, we are ready to wow the world again with these Japanese Scissors. 

Are you a hairstylist or have friends who are hair-stylist?  Or looking for quality scissors to trim your hair?  

Trust in our selection of true Japanese Craftsmanship again.



Click here to check out the premium Japanese Convex Scissors Collection from Japanese Knife Co. 

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