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We are proud to introduce the newest addition to our family, Japanese Knives Co.—a company that for over 110 years has been perfecting the art of craftsmanship and functional performance. They offer both premium Japanese knives and sharpening stones. Treat yourself to world-class knives today!

Free Shipping Worldwide

All our knives are shipped by air directly from Japan to anywhere in the world. Free 5-10-day shipping for all purchases today (limited-time offer)

Handmade Knives

All our knives are crafted by skilled bladesmiths with years of experience one by one. These are the types of knives used by professional chefs in Japan.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe in a customer-first policy. We guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied with our products for any reason.

Best Price Guarantee

We promise you that you will get the best rate for all our products so you can focus on your preference, not your wallet.

Craftsmanship of Traditional Bladesmith

Techniques handed over generations from Samurai sword-making are here to remain in these kitchen knives.

All our knives are handmade, hand braided, and sharpened by master bladesmiths with years of experience in Japan.

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