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Why You Should Not Use Dishwasher to clean Japanese knives?

Like most people, you probably believed you'd never have to wash dishes by hand again after you got a dishwasher. Hold on a second. Your knife, which you probably use several times daily, is one of the few kitchen implements that should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. It's rare and pricey, and the dishwasher is killing it slowly.

The Truth About Your Knife and the Dishwasher

To begin with, there is the oppressive heat and muggy air. You probably despise being sweaty and drenched, and neither does your knife. Steel and handles are especially vulnerable to a dishwasher's intense heat and moisture. In particular, if your knife is made of carbon steel (which rusts easily) and has a wooden handle, you should take this precaution. Then, the turbulent air arrives.

Japanese Knife

A knife's edge is especially vulnerable to the water jets in a dishwasher, which can also cause the knife to bang around and potentially damage other dishes.

Furthermore, ceramic knives are especially vulnerable due to their fragility. The blade can be chipped or broken in half in a single cycle. Additionally, detergents can be as dangerous as the machinery itself, as they can dull or discolour knives.

Last but not least, there's the issue of everything else—including your fingers when you unload the dishwasher—that you put there. Glasses, plates, and the machine are fair game for your knives. Injuries are possible if you point them up, while utensil baskets are damaged if you point them down.

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