The Origin Story Of The Iconic Strawberry Mark.

Where every cut tells a story.

The strawberry mark on each pair of scissors is more than a symbol; it represents Hizirimaru's seal of approval, indicating that these handmade scissors meet his standards of excellence, innovation, and unmatched cutting quality.

With every use, you'll feel the precision and passion that Hizirimaru puts into his work. Every cut transcends mere styling, transforming your hair to not only showcase a style but also embody a deep level of artistry and meticulous attention to detail.

Meet The Visionary Creator, Hizirimaru ( 聖丸).

Introducing Hizirimaru 聖丸, the visionary creator behind Vivid Scissors, whose mastery was honed under the legendary tutelage of stylist Yanagi Takeshi. For Hizirimaru, crafting scissors transcends mere skill—it's an immersive art form, a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft.

The passion and commitment of Japanese artisans like Hizirimaru are unparalleled, as they devote themselves entirely to perfecting their art forms, ensuring that each creation is a masterpiece born from a lifetime of dedication and love for their craft.