Magnolia Wooden Handle
Smooth, Comfortable, and Natural Feel

There are many reasons that home cooks and chefs choose to use a magnolia handle. The foremost is that they're incredibly comfortable and feel perfect in hand. The importance of this can't be understated - a knife that's easier to hold is easier to cut with.

  • High-quality, solid wood. 
  • Smooth, easy hold that feels good. 
  • Great color - water and fade resistance. 

Magnolia Wood Handle

Why Magnolia Wood? 

Magnolias are beautiful, large flowering trees that have sweet, floral fragrances. The wood of the Magnolia tree is beloved by Japanese artisans for a number of reasons. Such as its easy workability, strength, and lightness. It is also highly water-resistant, has a lovely bright color, and is reasonably priced. These qualities have made it a popular material choice for a variety of objects, including chopping boards, sheaths, furniture, and knife handles.

Magnolia Wood

The Benefits Of Magnolia Wood For Knives

Magnolia handles are the most popular in Japan. The bright-colored wood adds a beautiful natural look and comfortable feel. The wood itself is lightweight and soft, yet tough. It provides a textured grip that helps prevent slipping while cutting. It’s a great choice for knives as it is water-resistant and doesn’t contain any resins that might cause corrosion in carbon steel.

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The shape of the Wooden Handle

Shape of the wooden handle

For Left Handed knives, we will situate the D-shape in the opposite way than right-handed knives.