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Yanagiba Sashimi Knife - Premium Japanese Artisanal Knife

Blade Length:
210mm (8.3 inches)
Material and Style:
CM Stainless with Plastic Collar
No add-on
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Product information

Story of Japanese Knife Co.

Unleash Your Culinary Potential 

Handcrafted Knives x Extraordinary Creations 

Enter a realm unifying craftsmanship and tradition in extraordinary creations that embody Japanese culinary mastery.  In this enchanting world, the boundaries between art and utility blur, revealing skillful craftsmanship and time-honored traditions.  This exquisite fusion of form and function defines these remarkable culinary instruments.

Within the realm of Japanese knives, two remarkable artisans stand as pillars of excellence, their names whispered with reverence amongst connoisseurs and collectors.  These masters connect deeply to their predecessors, channeling ancient traditions and techniques.

Methods once employed in forging legendary samurai swords have been revived to create awe-inspiring culinary instruments that are as much works of art as tools of gastronomic mastery.

The attention to detail in every curve, edge, and delicate balance infuses these blades with a sense of purpose and finesse that cannot be mass-produced.

This is the art of the Japanese knife, a mesmerizing dance between creator and creation that elevates these knives beyond mere utensils into conduits of culinary inspiration.

Our knives travel from the heartland of Japan to the shores of the USA and beyond to the hands of discerning chefs and home cooks.  It's the reason we exist.  Our mission is shared by parent companies Japanese Green Tea Co. and Japanese Coffee Co., championing Japan's finest products globally for over 30 years.

We welcome you to join us on this extraordinary culinary odyssey, where tradition meets innovation, craftsmanship reigns supreme, and each cut carries the weight of history.

Discover the Masters:
Introducing the Three Legendary Knife Makers at Japanese Knife Co.

At Japanese Knife Co., we offer an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the mastery of two legendary knife makers: Mr. Sukesada UetaSugimoto Knife and Asano Kajiya. Our company takes pride in being one of the select few exporting their magnificent creations, enabling knife enthusiasts worldwide to experience their unrivaled craftsmanship.

Their knives are renowned for their razor-sharp edges, exceptional durability, and exquisite design.  Each knife reflects the dedication and passion of these masters.  Immerse yourself in the captivating narratives of Mr. Sukesada Ueta and Sugimoto Knife as you explore their extraordinary works, and elevate your culinary experience to new heights.

Mr. Sukesada Ueta 

Mr. Sukesada Ueta (刀工 上田祐定) is a legendary skilled blacksmith who specializes in creating high-quality knives. He was born in 1947 and has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of creating knives in the traditional Japanese style, using only 100% steel and an ancient ironmaking method known as "Tatara.(たたら)" This unique process involves using iron sand from various regions around Japan and heating it to a relatively low temperature (1200 to 1300°C) to create pure steel. By doing so, Mr. Ueta's knives boast an excellent cutting edge and a distinctive pattern on the blade and surface, a hallmark of Japanese knives.

In April 2016, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency recognized his company as a "superior company." (中小企業庁より「優良企業」として「企業白書」に認定) With his extensive knowledge, experience, and passion, Mr. Ueta is a true master of creating traditional Japanese knives.

He specializes in creating authentic Edo-era style knives, using only 100% steel to ensure that each blade is durable and long-lasting so that it can be passed down from generation to generation.

He uses mochi-iron (餅鉄) and iron sand from various regions of Japan to make the steel used in their knives, using the traditional Japanese Tatara-style ironmaking method. This method produces steel with excellent cutting quality and a distinctive grain pattern. As a result, it is favored by many knife makers in Japan, who mostly use steel produced by the same association.

Mr. Ueta is one of the few knife makers who use a combination of different types of iron sand from various regions, making his knives unique in terms of their composition and quality. In addition, Mochitsetsu only uses Japanese iron sand rather than importing foreign iron or steel, further emphasizing their commitment to preserving traditional Japanese methods and materials.

Tatara-style ironmaking is a unique Japanese method with over a thousand-year history. The Tatara-style ironmaking method is renowned for producing some of the world's finest and most exquisite steel. His commitment to preserving this ancient and revered method speaks to his dedication to traditional Japanese crafts and techniques.

Mr. Ueta injured his finger on March 2nd 2023; due to it, he is not able to produce the knife for a couple of months. Please read about it here.

Media Appearances:

Mr. Ueta on PBS, This is America
Mr. Ueta on PBS Interview (This is America & World) - Nov 2015

  • US TV station PBS "This is America" interview (above)
  • Interviewed by Prime Minister's Office (首相官邸 取材協力)
  • Fuji TV's nationwide live broadcast Everyone's News
  • TV Show - Rurouni Kenshin Japan-wide
  • World Cutting Tool Conference 2013 (WCTC2013) 
  • BS Japan Furusato ha! 
  • Town Information Okayama's March issue "Place to Visit" featured
  • Yomiuri Shinbun Newspaper, Morning Edition
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japanese-German Youth Exchange Project (NHK, RNC, KSB News)
  • Asahi Newspaper published on October 6, 2011
  • Mainichi Newspaper published on October 1, 2011
  • Participated in the 9th Okayama Prefecture Citizen Culture Festival, 2011
  • Asahi newspaper published on July 30, 2011
  • Featured on NHK News in June 2011
  • Published in the Yomiuri Newspaper on May 4, 2011
  • Broadcast on Yamaguchi Broadcasting in January 2011
  • Published in the Yomiuri newspaper on January 1, 2011
  • 25th National Culture Festival Okayama 2010 support project
  • Broadcast on KSB Setouchi Sea Broadcasting on October 18, 2010
  • Yudai Ueda lecture at Okayama University Grinding Processing Society
  • Yomiuri Newspaper published on August 29, 2010
  • And many more appearances

  • Sugimoto Knife

    Sugimoto Knife

    Founded in July of 1908 during the Tenpō era (天保), Sugimoto (杉本) is a company steeped in a rich history of blacksmithing and knife-making expertise. The company's founder, Kipei Sugimoto(杉本喜平), started the business in Tokyo. He used the ancestral knife-making skills passed down from generation to generation in his family. Since then, the company has continued to innovate and grow, becoming one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, affordable kitchen knives in the early Showa period. 

    Sugimoto was officially established on July 1, 1948, and has since flourished with a capital of ten million yen as of 1994. The company is led by President and CEO Koji Sugimoto (杉本弘治). Sugimoto's headquarters is in the Chuo district of Tokyo, with additional branches in Nishi-Katsushika. The company has a long history of successful business ventures, dating back to 1895. The founder was born in Takefu, Fukui (福井県武生市), as the third son of a blacksmith, Kiyoji Sugimoto (杉本亀吉).

    Sugimoto craftsmanship

    Sugimoto has continued to expand and improve its operations throughout its history. In 1933, the company relocated its principal office and factory to Ueno, Taitō, due to the move of the central wholesale market from Nihonbashi to Tsukiji. In the same year, the company opened additional sales locations in Kamata and Omori. In 1948, the business was officially established to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent service.

    Sugimoto has a strong reputation for its exceptional products and services and continues to operate with the same dedication and passion it did over a century ago. With a commitment to tradition, innovation, and customer satisfaction, it is truly a company with a remarkable legacy.

    Sugimoto Knife


    Company Timeline

    • 1895: Kiyoji Sugimoto was born as the third son of Kamaki Sugimoto, a blacksmith in Takefu, Fukui. 
    • 1908: With his mother and siblings, Kiyoji Sugimoto moved to Tokyo and started manufacturing kitchen knives using the traditional blade-making technology he inherited from his family. Over time, with his technology and research, the company became a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable products in the early Showa period. (At that time, the company/s name was "Tokyo Blade Manufacturing Factory and Sugimoto Blade Store.")
    • 1933: Due to the move of the Tsukiji fish market from Nihonbashi to Tsukiji, the store was newly established in Tsukiji (current location). Sales outlets were also opened near the Kamata Station and the Omori Market. That year, to expand the business, the head office and factory were moved and newly established in Aobadai, Taitō-ku. Direct manufacturing and sales services then began.
    • 1944: All sales activities were closed due to the worsening of the Pacific War.
    • 1945: All was lost due to the war except for the Tsukiji store.
    • 1946: The current location became the head office, factories were established in Tokyo and other regions, and business resumed.
    • 1948: Kiyoji Sugimoto became president and established Sugimoto Blade Co., Ltd. At this time, using the traditional special techniques of Sugimoto, several types of Chinese knives using Japanese steel were completed and put on sale.
    • 1949: The complete set of high-quality Tsukabiki beef knives for professional use was completed, and sales started.
    • 1960: Kiyoji Sugimoto was appointed C.E.O. and President.
    • 1962: Sales began in first-class department stores in Tokyo.
    • 1970: All-handmade "S.H.M." marked professional beef knife manufacturing, and sales began.

    Asano Kajiya

    Asano Kajiya

    When you’re about to step into Asano Kajiya's workshop in Egira-cho, you expect to encounter the stoic world of traditional Japanese blacksmiths absorbed in their iron-forging craft. But then, something unexpected happens. You hear someone passionately explaining Samurai sword-making techniques in native French, leaving you momentarily confused. The clinking of metal on metal and the sound of Japanese being spoken brings you back to reality.

    A blacksmith emerges at the entrance, wiping the sweat off his forehead. His warm smile instantly puts you at ease. And with that, you're welcomed into the captivating world of Asano Kajiya’s workshop, a place that has given birth to countless Samurai swords and welcomed people from all walks of life - from curious children to global celebrities. Here, creative magic, diversity, and the time-honored craft of Samurai sword-making come together in a harmonious blend, crafting a truly unique experience.


    Established in 2004 in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, and later relocated to Hashima City in 2006, Asano Kajiya, led by master swordsmith Taro Asano, envisions blacksmithing as more than a craft. It strives to become an "Entertainment-oriented Forge," expanding its activities to include inbound tourism, tourism-related ventures, social media engagement, and innovative product development.

    Asano Kajiya's commitment to showcasing the beauty of blacksmithing as an art form and entertainment is a testament to its dedication to both preserving tradition and embracing innovation. Its commitment to diversity and being accessible to the younger generation and people outside Japan is exemplary.

    It holds knife and sword-making workshops and has exchange programs with bladesmiths from all over the world (currently, there are apprentices from Memphis (USA), France, and Japan). They work and host knife-making workshops for both domestic and international visitors to the workshop.

    Kitchen Knives that are Born from「刀鍛治」(Samurai Swordsmithing)

    Asano Kajiya started their journey as a sword-making company, and they still continue to do so besides crafting kitchen knives. In Japanese, the word “Samurai” holds the meaning of “貴人に仕え、支える人”(a person that serves and supports the nobility). For Asano Kajiya, the nobility is the knife user, and every knife is hand-made with the hope of being able to support and serve the knife user in his daily cooking.

    Outstanding Precision in Cutting

    Each bladesmith at Asano Kajiya has a background deeply rooted in swordsmithing and is a master of Japanese steel, known as ” (Hagane). Their expertise allows them to perfect the sharpness of every Asano Kajiya kitchen knife at a molecular level, creating the sensation that the blade effortlessly draws itself into the ingredient.

    These blades are also designed to handle ingredients delicately, safeguarding their delicate fibers to ensure the preservation of maximum flavor and nutrients.

    Company Timeline

    • 1997: Began apprenticeship under the 25th-generation master swordsmith, Kanefusa Fujiwara.
    • 2004: Founded in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture
    • 2005: Conducted a public forging demonstration of Japanese swords in Canada.
    • 2006: Relocated the forge to Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture.
    • 2012: France (invited by the International Swords Association) Japanese sword public training
    • 2013: Provided instruction on forging techniques (Sponsored by Tamahagane Art) in Canada. 
    • 2014: Conducted a public forging demonstration of Japanese swords as part of the World Heritage Site Citadel de Besançon event in France.
    • 2017: Established the Japan-US Joint Development Research Institute (Seattle, USA).
    • 2018: Established the Japan-US Joint Development Research Institute (Seattle, USA).

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    Worldwide Delivery

    We ship directly to our customers worldwide (Except the UK). Your order will be processed on a secure server, then efficiently handled and shipped from Japan. Our knives are carefully packaged with protective material arriving without damage. We offer Guaranteed Satisfaction and Free Shipping, as explained below.

    Free Shipping

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    Japan Post EMSEMS


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    Kagoshima Tea Payment Types

    Package Unboxing

    Here is a video of an actual customer unboxing what is being received.  Not a professional video, but we thought it might give you a realistic view of what you are getting in the box. 

    Unboxing Japanese Knife Co. Knife

      Shipping and Returns

      Japanese Knives

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      Shipping and Returns

      • Do you ship from the USA or Japan? 

        We ship all our knives from Japan.
      • How do you ship knives?

        We regularly use DHL, Japan Post, and FedEx (including automatic tracking) at our discretion. This is because these shippers are highly efficient, and we rarely have problems with them.

        For more information, please see our Shipping and Return Page.

        Japan Post EMSEMS

      • How much do you charge for shipping?

        We ship free shipping worldwide. (Except to the UK)

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        Due to changing the firearms/weapons law in the UK (young people under 18 years old are prohibited from buying firearms/weapons, including cooking knives), our courier cannot ship our products to the UK.

        • Do you ship anywhere in the USA?

          Yes. We ship anywhere in the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska.

          • Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

            Yes, we ship to Hawaii and Alaska at no extra charge.   

          • Do you ship to Canada?

            Yes. We ship anywhere in Canada.

            • Do you ship internationally outside the USA?

              Yes, we ship worldwide. (Except to the UK)

              • Can I send the package as a gift to someone?

                Yes, you can specify the shipping address separately from the billing address to send it to your friends easily. We do not include the receipt in shipment in general unless required by the country’s customs. 

              • Do you allow shipping to a PO Box?  

                Yes, we do allow PO Box. The local post office delivers the package shipped via Japan Post, and they can access your PO Box.  
              • Does your shipment require a signature? 

                For customers in the USA, you are not required to sign. However, some countries may require you to sign upon receiving it. 

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              • How soon do you provide the tracking number? 

                We ship items Monday - Friday 11:00 AM Japan Time. When the item is ordered after 11:00 AM, we send it the next day. So you get the tracking number before 11:00 AM on the same day (if ordered before 11:00 AM).
              • Why is your shipping fee so low (free)?

                At Japanese Knife Co., we are revolutionizing buying Japanese knives by partnering directly with knife manufacturers in Japan. Because they forge, process, and package their knives on-site, we get shipments to you much faster!

                By cutting out the middlemen, you get your knives faster without fees.

                You get your knives in 5-10 days in the USA and most countries worldwide. (Click here to check when you will get your knives if you order today.)

              • How long does it take to get my knives after ordering?

                We ship the same day!
                Orders placed by 10 AM Japan Time will be shipped from our warehouse daily, Monday-Friday, after payment is verified. Orders placed after 10 AM Japan Time will be shipped the next day.
                With processing, you will receive your order in 5-10 days.
              • How do you pack your knives? 

                We wrap the knives with proper protective materials so that the knives do not get damaged during the shipment.

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                Importing goods of $800 or less is not subject to sales/consumption tax in the US. Sales/consumption tax on shipments outside the US will be collected by the carrier, dependent upon the local tax authority regulations, and is the buyer’s responsibility. If the goods are taxed in your part of the world (Europe for example), the carrier will collect this tax from you, the buyer.
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                    You can enter your coupon code on the checkout page.
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                  The installments option on Shop Pay is available on debit and credit cards.

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                        Japanese Knives

                          • I'm a beginner. Which knife is best for me?

                            We recommend starting with one of our all-purpose knives (Gyuto, Bunka, or Santoku). If you sign up for our Japanese Knife Club (it's free!), we'll provide you with our Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Enjoying Japanese Knives e-book to help you decide - plus, it comes with a 10% off coupon for your first order!

                          • Is it true that Japanese knives are brittle?

                            Japanese knives are made with super-hard Japanese steel, which is how they maintain a long-lasting edge and extreme sharpness. However, they are so rigid that they can chip when misused or accidents occur. Generally, as long as you only use your knife to cut appropriate things (vegetables, meat, etc.) and not hard objects (frozen food, bones, or non-organic materials), this isn't an issue. Read more about this topic here.

                          • How do I know if my knife requires oiling?

                            Any of our carbon steel knives will require regular oiling after each use. That means any knife made with Kasumi Superlative Carbon Steel, HM Carbon Steel, or Honyaki. Read more about our steels here. Oiling is unnecessary for stainless steel knives, but they should still be cleaned and dried after each use.

                          • What kind of oil can I use on my knife?

                            Generally, any food-safe oil will be okay to use. That includes oils such as canola or sunflower oil - just make sure it's a neutral-tasting oil; otherwise, it will flavor whatever you are cutting. You may also find knife-specific mineral oils that also work well.Back to top

                          • Why is my carbon steel knife changing color even though I've been oiling it?

                            Even if you religiously oil your knife after every use, it will gradually discolor on the surface. This transformation is nothing serious to worry about. It's what's called a patina. It's a natural oxidation that will happen over time as you use it, and actually, it's good for your knife. The patina will help to protect your carbon steel from rusting.

                          • Why does my Japanese-handle knife feel so different to hold?

                            Knives that use Japanese-style handles are made with a half-sized tang (the lower spike-shaped part of a blade hidden within the handle). That means Japanese-handle knives are heavier on the blade end. It is a sensation that you will quickly get used to, especially if you use a pinch-grip. We have some tips on holding knives in our knife size guide.

                          • Are Japanese knives only suitable for professional chefs?

                            Anyone can benefit from one of our high-quality knives. However, some of our knives are used for specialist tasks (such as the Yanagiba, for making sushi) and hence are more valued by professionals (or at-home sushi enthusiasts!).

                          • How often should I sharpen my knife?

                            It depends on how often you use it. If you cook every day, once a month should do the trick. Otherwise, sharpen it whenever it feels like it's losing its edge.

                          • Are there knives for left-handers?

                            Yes! We can provide a left-handed knife at no extra cost. Select the option below 'add-on' before you put the knife into your cart.

                          • I want my name engraved into my knife in Japanese, but what's the difference between Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji?

                            Japanese has three 'alphabets.' Katakana is used for writing foreign words, and Hiragana is used to write Japanese words. Finally, Kanji is a writing system based on traditional Chinese characters. Because written Japanese uses no spaces, the three writing systems are combined to break up sentences and make them easy to read. For a visual comparison, here's my name (Kei) written with each of them: けい (Hiragana), ケイ(Katakana),  (Kanji). Choose whichever writing system looks most pleasing to you.

                          • Do I need whetstones if I already own a honing rod?

                            A honing rod should never be used on a Japanese knife. They tend to chip Japanese knives and are only intended for softer European steel. They don't sharpen knives but only straighten the 'burr' (the very peak of the cutting edge). A whetstone is the best way to sharpen both Japanese and European knives.Back to top

                        Club Rewards Program

                        • How can I get my first order 10% off? 

                          You can sign up for our newsletter and get the 10% off coupon in your email immediately after signing up. Use the coupon when you check out for the first order.

                        • How do I join? 

                          Please join by creating an account for free here

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                            Every year on your birthday, we'll give you bonus birthday points, just for being you! 

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                              Our loyalty program is totally free! We do it to say "thank you" to our awesome customers! 

                              • Is there a limit to how many order points I can get?

                                Of course not! We want to reward your loyal orders! 

                                • Do points expire? 

                                  Points never expire! 

                                Other Questions

                                • Is it made in Japan?

                                  Yes, all our knives are 100% handmade in Japan.
                                  • Do you do wholesale?

                                    Japanese Knife Co. takes pride in providing wholesale quality Japanese knives to various Japanese Restaurants, Cafes, and Shops throughout the world. If you are interested in our wholesale service, please contact us.

                                  • Do you sell on Amazon?

                                    You can use your Amazon account to check out our products on our page.  Simply select the Amazon Pay icon on checkout.

                                    Cannot find your answer?

                                    No problem.

                                    We are here to help you. Click here to contact us!

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                                    Unlock Professional Level Precision.

                                    The Yanagiba Sashimi Knife (柳刃 刺身包丁) effortlessly slices through any fish or seafood with clean precision. With its long, thin blade and acute angle, it allows you to slice boneless fish fillets with a single draw-cutting motion in one heel-to-tip stroke. Its single bevel blade will enable users to make thin, even slices of the most delicate fish without tearing the flesh. With its impressive strength, sharpness, and durability, it's an essential tool for any serious sushi or sashimi chef or enthusiast looking to take their cooking skills to the next level.

                                    The beautiful craftsmanship of this knife makes it an indispensable part of any kitchen, as well as a lovely display piece for admirers of traditional Japanese culture and design. Crafted with precision by master bladesmiths, each knife is a work of art – combining ancient techniques and modern technology to produce a powerful cutting experience that makes every meal flawless.

                                    Key Distinctions of This Yanagiba Knife

                                    For perfectly sliced boneless seafood, every single time. 

                                    • Perfect For Sushi or Sashimi  | Effortlessly slices through any fish or seafood with precision.
                                    • Handles Delicate Foods | Make thin, even slices of raw ingredients without tearing the flesh. 
                                    • Mnimizes Cell Damage | Enhances the appearance, taste, & texture of every food it slices.
                                    • Suitable For Everyone | Perfect for both seasoned sushi + sashimi chefs or enthusiasts alike.
                                    • Masterfully Made | This Yanagiba knife is handmade, hand-braided, & sharpened by a master.

                                    Blade Length: 
                                    • 210mm (8.3 inches)
                                    • 240mm (9.4 inches)
                                    • 270mm (10.6 inches)
                                    • 300mm (11.8 inches)

                                    Honyaki Carbon Steel is only available in 270mm (10.6 inches) or 300mm (11.8 inches)

                                     Blade Length

                                    Material and Style:
                                    Japanese Style Handle

                                    Japanese style high-quality magnolia solid wood (朴の木) handle with option of plastic or Buffalo Horn Collar

                                    Japanese-Style HandleHigh-quality magnolia wooden handleCollar option: Plastic or Buffalo Horn


                                    Blade Martial

                                    Option of CM Stainless or Kasumi Superlative Carbon Steel
                                    The blades appear very similar and cannot be differentiated by looking at them. 

                                    • CM Stainless: Most popular professional grade sharpness requires the least maintenance as it is rust resistant.
                                    • Kasumi Superlative Carbon Steel: Kasumi Superlative Knives are made by joining a piece of soft iron with a piece of carbon steel. The soft iron portion protects the hardened steel that tends to fracture. This reduces brittleness and makes sharpening easier.
                                    • Honyaki Carbon Steel (本焼)
                                      Honyaki knives are made of steel strengthened by quenching. The highest quality requires extreme labor-intensive production. Extremely sharp and hard that rusts easily and requires extreme care - used by limited professional sushi chefs in Japan. (Honyaki is only available for 270mm and 300mm Blade Length)

                                    CM StainlessKasumi SuperlativeHonyaki

                                    Experience Flawless Precision and Artistry with the Yanagiba Sashimi Knife

                                    The Yanagiba Sashimi Knife is a must-have for anyone serious about preparing sushi or sashimi.

                                    With its stunning craftsmanship, this knife is not only a valuable tool in the kitchen but also a beautiful display piece that showcases traditional Japanese design and artistry.

                                    The Blade of this Knife
                                    (Single-beveled blades)

                                    Japanese single-beveled blades, also known as chisel-ground blades, are known for their sharpness and precision. The sharp edge of the blade is angled at one side, allowing for more precise cuts, particularly in woodworking and traditional Japanese culinary techniques such as sushi and sashimi preparation. They are also known for maintaining a sharp edge for a longer period. Additionally, they are often made with high-quality materials such as high-carbon steel, which adds to their durability and longevity.

                                    Some additional benefits of single-beveled blades include the following:

                                    1. Versatility: Single-beveled blades can be used for a wide range of tasks, including slicing, dicing, and chopping. They are also commonly used in traditional Japanese crafts such as woodcarving and metalworking.

                                    2. Ease of use: Single-beveled blades are designed to be easy to use, even for those with limited experience. The angled edge allows for more control and precision when cutting, making them a popular choice for both professionals and home cooks.

                                    3. Cultural significance: Single-beveled blades have a long history and cultural significance in Japan. They are often considered to be works of art and are highly valued for their craftsmanship and design.

                                    4. They are also known for their ability to make precise cuts and give a clean finish.

                                    Mr. Ueta on PBS, This is America

                                    Custom Name Engraving - Free (Special Today)

                                    Engraving a name on a knife can add a personal touch to every cut for decades. It is also a fantastic addition to knives that will be gifted, as it shows thoughtfulness and levels up the personal value of the knife. It’s especially useful for chefs, in particular, as it helps them quickly identify their knives in a busy kitchen.

                                    • Increases Personal Value | A great way to make a gift more personal. 

                                    • Makes Every Cut Special | Creating a unique bond with the knife. 

                                    • Easier to Identify | Especially useful for chefs in busy kitchens.

                                    Click here to check out the Top 10 Name Engraving Ideas

                                    Two Sharpening Stones (For an additional $100)

                                    The best way to keep your knife in good condition and extend its lifespan is by using sharpening stones built specifically for the style of the knife. This optional add-on includes the following two whetstones explicitly designed for this knife.

                                    • Medium-grain (Nakato 中砥) whetstone
                                      Size: 65×210×35mm (2.6 x 8.2 x 1.4 inches)
                                      Grit: #600~#1500
                                    • Course-grain whetstone (Arato 荒砥)
                                      Size: 68×205×34mm (2.6 x 8.0 x 1.3 inches)
                                      Grit: #180~#220

                                    First, use a course-grain whetstone, then refine the edge using a medium-grain whetstone.

                                    Custom Wooden Cover | Sheath
                                    (For an additional $50)

                                    Give your knife a custom wooden sheath that will help keep it protected for years to come. Not only does it look great, but it’ll also help the knife stay sharper for longer.

                                    With your knife safely enclosed, it’ll prevent accidental cuts. The cover is also made of magnolia wood - soft, moisture-resistant, and contains no strong resins that might cause corrosion in carbon steel.

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                                    All our knives are crafted by skilled bladesmiths with years of experience one by one. These are the types of knives used by professional chefs in Japan.

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