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What is Gokuzyo Aracha Tea Bag? Explained in One Minute

Gokuzyo translates literally to "The Highest Grade" in Japanese. Among all the green tea harvested, Gokuzyo is the section with the best tea leaves based on taste, water level, aroma, and the quality of the leaf itself. Trained masters (called chya-shi in Japanese) pick the best tea leaves by hand, one leaf at a time. Please enjoy the best of what we offer.

Freshly harvested sprouts are steamed right away and dried. We pick and knead the soft, new leaves gently. The process is fairly simple and may not look elegant; however, the aroma is so intense that it makes you feel as if you just got lost in a green tea processing factory.

You can enjoy this tea, which includes twig tea, coarse, broken tea leaves, and powdered tea. Crude tea leaves produce a beautifully colored drink with a mild, unique taste.

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The Japanese Green Tea Company is happy to treat you to another delicious experience from Japan! It is known as crude, or wild tea, a tea that is not refined or processed. This is the type of tea that tea farmers in Japan have been drinking for centuries, and it has a strong natural aroma that is loved by people who love Japanese Sencha.

Our Gokuzyo Aracha comes in premium-quality, pyramid-shaped tea bags that allow the aroma and taste to come out of the tea. This is the teabag version of one of the most popular loose-leaf teas in our selection. Now, you can get the same exact high-quality tea in comfortable tea bag form. The biodegradable nanowoven tea sachets are made from natural elements, and each bag can be used up to two or three times!

Enjoy delicious tea in its original, authentic shape, combined with our premium pyramid tea bags! The Japanese Green Tea Company Harvested with love in Japan.

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