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What is Issaku? Explained in One Minute

Issaku Reserve is a proud masterpiece of premium green tea created by Farm Master Mr. Arahata at Arahataen Green Tea Farm. If you are looking for the best, traditional, and authentic Japanese green tea online, you have found it.

Issaku Reserve is the highest-grade tea available from Arahataen, and, due to the complex and long process of creating the tea, only a limited quantity is available to produce every year. This tea is rare, even in Japan to enjoy. This is the best premium traditional Japanese green tea offered by The tea is handpicked once a year from a new crop, processed with the highest technology, and made available in the Japanese Market.

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Video Transcript

The Japanese Green Tea Company is proud to present the finest premium green tea from Japan!

Our Issaku green tea is the highest grade tea that we offer and was the winner of the Global Tea Championship in 2017 and 2019.

Issaku is also a four-time winner of the National Best Tea Award by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture.

This tea is a proud masterpiece from our farm and is the best traditional and authentic Japanese tea that you can find.

Issaku is grown in sugarcane soil and made only from the trained tea masters’ handpicked first crop of the year.

The sugarcane soil component is all-natural and researched in collaboration with Shizuoka University to get the best taste out of the tea plants.

It removes the bitterness and astringency, providing the sweetest taste and a delicious umami element to the tea.

Due to the complex and lengthy process of creating this tea, only a limited quantity is produced each year.

This award-winning tea is rare to enjoy, even in Japan!

Experience the delicious taste of our premium Issaku green tea and discover the best that Japan has to offer!

The Japanese Green Tea Company – Harvested with Love in Japan

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