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Trung Nguyen instant coffee powder vs. Japanese Sumiyaki Single-Serve-Pour-Over

Single-Serve-Pour-Over Sapporo Coffee Kan

Why is the hidden treasure in Single-Serve-Pour-Over Sapporo Coffee Kan?

This coffee is a one-of-a-kind Japanese coffee-making method with unique attributes such as single-origin specialty coffee and premier decaf coffee. The single-served Pour-over is ideal for simplicity, and you can enjoy this every time you want. It is convenient to bring it with you anywhere and easy to make it anytime.

There is a special kind of single-serve-pour Sapporo Coffee Kan called Single-serve Disposable Filter Bag (Cup-On). They provide a perfect gift for a coffee lover. This lovely gift set includes four of our most popular Sumiyaki Coffees and is packaged in a rustic gift box. Filter bags are used to hold the exact amount of ground coffee needed to make one cup of coffee. Each filter bag has a clever piece of paper engineering to keep it firmly in place on your cup.

Trung Nguyen instant coffee powder vs. Japanese Sumiyaki Single-Serve-Pour-Over

What is Single-Serve Disposable Filter Bag as per Coffee Kan?

Single-Serve Disposable Filter Bag (Cup-On) is a brilliant coffee-brewing technique that has been around for a while in Japan but is less well-known in other areas of the world: Single-serve drip coffee bags from Cup-on (AKA Single-Serve Disposable Filter Bag). They go by various names, but the basic concept is the same: A filter bag contains the ideal amount of ground coffee for preparing one cup of coffee. This filter bag has a unique piece of paper engineering that allows it to be safely stabilized onto your mug. You have to pour hot water into the filter bag containing the ground coffee.



Coffee 1: Indonesia - Arabica Typica – Mandheling Berkat Lintong - Single Origin Premium Coffee

Instead of the deep tastes found in typical Mandheling coffees, this coffee has a more crisp taste and cleaner texture while retaining a rich aroma and a nice bittersweet flavor that spreads slowly inside the tongue and lingers on the back of the palate.

Taste: Unique aroma, full-bodied, sweet, and mellow flavor

Indonesia - Arabica Typica - Mandheling Berkat Lintong - Single Origin Premium Coffee

Coffee 2: Brazil - Arabica Catuai - Cerrado Shimada Plantation - Single Origin Premium Coffee

This coffee is a coffee with an exceptional balance of acidity and bitterness. It boasts nostalgic flavors typical of Brazilian coffees and a smooth, buttery mouthfeel that we may enjoy for a long time. Please enjoy this very distinctive Brazilian coffee harvested and nurtured by descendants of Hokkaido.

Taste: Free from solid or distinct flavors, Well Balanced, Easy to drink

Brazil - Arabica Catuai - Cerrado Shimada Plantation - Single Origin Premium Coffee

Coffee 3: Colombia - Arabica Caturra - Pital-Mountain - Single Origin Premium Coffee

Because this coffee is prepared to meet the FNC's (Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers) extraordinarily high standards, the quality and maturity of the coffee beans are substantially higher than in other Colombian coffees. As a result, the finished cup has citrus overtones, a delicate fruitiness, and a subtle sweetness.

Taste: Citrus fruit notes and a subtle sweetness

Colombia - Arabica Caturra - Pital-Mountain - Single Origin Premium Coffee

Coffee 4: Indonesia - Arabica Catuai - Bali, Mt. Batur - Single Origin Premium Coffee

This coffee has a full-bodied flavor with a slight bitterness and a fruity aftertaste.

Taste: Full-bodied, with a slight bitterness and a fruity aftertaste

Indonesia - Arabica Catuai - Bali, Mt. Batur - Single Origin Premium Coffee


How to make:

Step 1: Remove the filter from the package.

Step 2: Wrap the filter around the cup, extending the ears over the sides.

Step 3: Slowly pour hot water into the filter.

Step 4: Take out the filter and enjoy your beautiful cup of coffee.

Pro Hint:

To smooth the surface of the coffee ground, lightly tap it with a spoon; this improves the taste of the coffee by pouring the hot water evenly. The box also includes a cut line that makes it simple to open.

Trung Nguyen instant coffee powder

What makes the Trung Nguyen Legend brand becomes unique in Vietnam?

Trung Nguyen Legend energy coffee masterpieces are made from the best ingredients in the world, blended with enigmatic eastern know-how and the world's leading modern roasting technology and love and devotion. The enthusiasm of the world's best coffee experts.Trung Nguyen Legend, the an only masterpiece of energetic coffee is the intersection of three world-famous coffee civilizations, Ottoman, Roman, and Zen, offering moments of wonderful coffee satisfaction with priceless literature that transforms lives.

What is instant coffee as the identity of Trung Nguyen Legend?

Instant coffee is a form of coffee that is made from ground coffee that has been processed and pre-seasoned (typically with sugar or milk), so all you have to do is mix a proper amount with boiling water and stir well. Always use the product without devoting too much time to it, such as filter coffee. Although filter coffee, iced milk coffee and coffees such as latte, Mocha, and so on are offered in many cafés, this instant coffee is quite popular with customers because of its ease. and convenient method, particularly for those who are pressed for time but still want to enjoy excellent hot coffee.

There are many kinds of Trung Nguyen instant coffee powders such as Trung Nguyen Legend Special Edition Special Instant Coffee, Trung Nguyen Legend Classic Special Instant Coffee, and G7 Trung Nguyen Legend Cappuccino Instant Coffee.

instant coffee

Legend Special Edition Trung Nguyen Instant Coffee

Coffee makes use of cutting-edge nanotechnology. Each Trung Nguyen Legend coffee masterpiece is a blend of particular energy sources of the world's greatest Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, which are selected from the finest Arabica beans in the world, resulting from many years of experience and creativity, as well as many years of research such as Buon Ma Thuot, Cau Dat (Vietnam), Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, and the mystical oriental mysteries, cannot be replicated.

Legend Limited Edition Trung Nguyen instant coffee is considered a new generation premium instant coffee product; even though it is instant coffee, the product is the first to use the world's most modern super technology, NANO. The first application in Vietnam that allows the coffee to be ground to a super fine size and processed at negative temperatures, assisting in creating Trung Nguyen Legend coffee masterpieces that keep 100 percent of the unique and fresh coffee flavor. Trung Nguyen Legend spray-dried condensed milk for filter coffee, condensed milk particles to preserve them intact, in particular with Trung Nguyen Legend goods, which do not employ milk powder like instant coffee items on the market. The milk particles are soft and readily mixed into the coffee due to their structure and nutritional value, resulting in a delightful cup of fresh iced milk energy coffee.

Legend special edition instant coffee is made from clean, pure coffee beans from the Buon Ma Thuot region of Vietnam. Instant coffee is great when served hot, but it is also delicious when served cold. Legend limited edition Trung Nguyen has similarly rich and delightful flavors.

Trung Nguyen is also a popular product among foreign customers since it is made with high-quality coffee ingredients, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and proprietary know-how.

Taste: Thick and robust, with a natural scent of roasted coffee, milk, and sugar.

coffee together

Coffee Legend Classic Trung Nguyen Instant Coffee

Inspired by the renowned symphonies of Ludwig Van Beethoven, the German musical genius. And the passion for offering coffee lovers all over the world. Excellent energy coffees - The professionals of Coffee Company created Trung Nguyen Legend Classic coffee No. 1 - Trung Nguyen Legend. Taking the essence of Trung Nguyen Legend Group's famous G7 instant coffee product line. Combining the best coffee ingredients from around the world with NaNo technology. And the East's beautiful secrets. Trung Nguyen Legend Classic comes with a standard amount of ground coffee. Intense physicality, a strong bitter taste blended with a hint of sweetness, and a strong sense of identity. Enjoy a delicious cup of Trung Nguyen Legend Classic energy coffee with Life-Changing Books will inspire you to be creative. Awaken on the path to True Wealth, Success, and Happiness.

Coffee Legend Classic Trung Nguyen Instant Coffee includes the packages of these four types:


With roasting and processing technology in Buon Ma Thuot and a control center in Germany – only Trung Nguyen has the twin technology of Europe and Trung Nguyen's distinctive know-how, we develop a coffee that is delicious and convenient.

TRUNG NGUYEN Chunguen G7 instant coffee


G7 strong taste x2 instant coffee is a series of flavored instant coffee products with double strong coffee flavor for individuals who enjoy a full-bodied cup of coffee with the correct coffee quality and power.

Trung Nguyen — G7 Strong X2 3 in 1 Instant Coffee


G7 2 in 1 is an instant coffee product with the pure flavor of real iced black coffee, true to the taste of Trung Nguyen roasted coffee.


Black instant coffee is a brand of pure black instant coffee without sugar that has a rich flavor and is pleasing to the taste of coffee lovers.

G7 Black Instant Vietnamese Coffee

G7 Trung Nguyen Legend Cappuccino Instant Coffee - A Drink That Encourages The World

G7 Legend of Trung Nguyen Cappuccino instant coffee combines these distinct aspects by utilizing high-quality ingredients, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and oriental know-how. Coffee cappuccino is made from the essence of the greatest coffee beans in Buon Ma Thuot, coupled with cream powder and other premium ingredients and Trung Nguyen's unique know-how to provide coffee fans with a one-of-a-kind coffee. Furthermore, the Cappuccino instant coffee is made in the Italian way.

Cappuccino coffee comprises three primary ingredients: espresso, hot milk, and foamed milk, which combine to create a perfect balance of flavors. A coating of floating cream adheres to the sides of the cup in cappuccino coffee, making individuals thrilled as soon as they touch their faces. The sweet aftertaste of milk follows the sharp taste of coffee as it passes through this cream.

Trung Nguyen G7 Cappuccino Mocha Instant Coffee

Cappuccino comes in three flavors: Mocha, Hazelnut (chestnut), and Coconut (coconut) and is part of Trung Nguyen Legend Group's G7 instant coffee product range. As baristas frequently do behind the counter, I won't promise you a Cappuccino with a leaf elegantly sketched on top of the floating cream. But one thing is for sure: every time you taste Trung Nguyen's Cappuccino instant coffee, your favorite flavor will become highly familiar.

How To Make Trung Nguyen Instant Coffee Powder

This is easy to make as other kinds of instant coffee powder, which brings the perfect taste for this.

Step 1: Put 75ml of boiling water and one packet of Trung Nguyen Legend Classic instant coffee


Step 2: Stir well and serve.

Note: Use two packs of ice if using.

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