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Introducing the New Hokkaido Blend Single-Serve Pour-Over Package

One of our consistently top-selling Japanese coffee items is our Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee.  If you haven't explored this product yet, I highly recommend checking out this article for an insight into this unique Japanese coffee innovation.

This year, at Japanese Coffee Co., we've introduced exciting updates to enhance your interaction with our products. As part of these enhancements, our Single-Serve Pour-Over Package has undergone a transformation. 

We renamed our European Blend to Hokkaido Blend and got a new design for the single-serve package.

Some people were confused with the name "European" even though it is from Japan. 

This blend is the default blend Sapporo Coffee Kan serves at the cafe and is the most popular one, but to align with the image of Japan, we changed the name to Hokkaido Blend.  (It is still the same blend, just the name change.)

Even though the outside looks different now, the coffee inside hasn't changed one bit. It's still top-notch Japanese coffee, roasted using the Sumiyaki charcoal method in the heart of Hokkaido, and it's the same freshness we have always stayed committed to.

The only difference is that the outside packaging is as fresh as the coffee inside! 

What do you think?

Isn’t it a cute and warm feeling?

Hokkaido Blend Single-Serve Coffee

Single-Serve Japanese Coffee


Here are the photos of the gift box with the new package:

Single-Serve Coffee Gift box

Single-Serve Gift Box

Single Serve Coffee

Many of you might have tried our single-serve pour-over coffee before, as it is one of our best-selling coffee.

Have you tried it yet? 

I would love to know what you think of the new design. 

As Single-Serve Drip On Coffee is highly favored as a gift item, we've introduced the option to purchase it as a Gift-Box package. This not only includes a luxurious gift box, elevating it to an ideal premium gift for coffee lovers, but makes the price of each drip-on lower than when bought as individual packets.

Single-Serve Coffee


Why do we care so much about the packaging? 

Every product we craft is a piece of Japan, carefully curated to bridge the gap between you and the essence of Japan—no matter where in the world you are. And you know what Japanese craftsmanship is famous for? The packaging game is on another level. In Japan, gift-giving is an art, and the wrapping is just as important as the gift itself. You often hear people talk about how even the simplest things, like snacks or cookies, come in these stunning, intricate packages.

It’s the same when it comes to our Single-Serve pour-over coffee. The visuals of the package, the way the packaging keeps that coffee inside fresh, the smoothness when you peel it open, that feeling of unwrapping a little piece of Japan — it's all part of the story — your story, with our product. We have worked on redesigning our packaging because we want every sip to bring you closer to Japan, to the craftsmanship and joy that go into every cup.

Hokkaido Blend: About the Coffee Inside the Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee: 

You might be wondering what kind of coffee is inside the Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee. Is it instant coffee? Whole beans? Single-origin beans or a blend?

To answer your questions, it contains freshly ground coffee (not instant), and the ground coffee is made by grinding freshly roasted Hokkaido Blend coffee. For more details on the Hokkaido Blend's origins, flavor profile, and more, click here.

Do you like the new design? Let us know! 

We're curious to know what you think of the new look. Even if you were a fan of the old packaging, your honest thoughts mean the world to us. Thank you for embracing our coffee journey at Dream of Japan. Let's keep dreaming and striving for 'better,' together!

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