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Tea Lover Tours in Japan

Now that COVID is becoming a thing of the past, Japan has finally opened up to the world for the tour.

Here are the latest tours in 2023, specifically targeting people who love tea, hosted by Arigato Japan, the pioneer for English-speaking Japanese tours for many years and featured by the New York Times Travel Shows, CNN Travel, and more.

During COVID, I enjoyed their virtual tea tour online, but now that they are busy with the physical tour, they stopped the virtual tour. I hope they will bring the virtual tour back in the future, as it was even featured by Forbes, but I am happy to hear that they are back doing physical tours.

Here are their latest tours in Japan for tea lovers:

Read on and watch this amazing experience for tea lovers and "Japan lovers" worldwide.

About Arigato Food Tour

Arigato Food Tours has been providing all kinds of tours throughout parts of Japan and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise for those curious about learning more about what Japan has to offer.

Arigato Food Tours was featured by:

  • New York Times Travel Shows
  • U.S. News & World Report Travel Weekly
  • Travel with Darley (a popular TV show—do you know this show?)
  • Forbes and Newsweek
  • CNN Travel

The tour I joined in the past (virtual) was hosted by Lauren.

Lauren - Arigato Food Tour

Lauren is one of the partners at Arigato Japan. From Pennsylvania, Lauren considers Japan her second or, perhaps, her first home. Having lived there for multiple decades, Lauren has a deep passion for Japan, its history, culture, food, and the world of Japanese tea. She shares the world of Japan through her organization’s many offerings.

Lauren Arigato Japan

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Kyoto Matcha

kyoto japan

The city of Uji in Kyoto is known as the home of Matcha, and they not only produce matcha but also make premium ones. Green Tea lovers all over the world enjoy Uji Matcha. On this tour, you will learn about the meticulous production of the world's best Matcha. The tour includes the preparation, and you can imagine the taste of the Uji matcha.

grinding green tea leaves using stone

While having the tour, you will know the tea goodness as the Matcha will be shown as it can be paired up with a delicious lunch set, meaning they will show you what kind of foods will make an excellent Matcha meal. After strolling and seeing local tea shops, the fun never stops, as while touring, you can see a UNESCO world heritage site, the Byodoin temple.

Tokyo Yanaka

The nostalgia and rustic charm of classic Tokyo are within our reach. This tour is unique as you can explore Shitamachi, meaning Downtown, and not the modern and high-tech places.

Yanaka is rich in history, art, and snacks. First, visit local temples and shrines. The shops there have been standing for over 100 years, and you will appreciate the 10–12 dishes that locals really like the most. Next, see Kyushu's special regional lunch. Then, before the end of the tour, you will experience the traditional tea ceremony in a hidden antique shop.

Flavors of Japan

Japanese cuisine is pleasing inside and out. We will learn and deeply understand how unique and aesthetically pleasing Japanese cuisine is in different regions. With seven shops and more than 13 snacks, including sweet potatoes, fish cakes, and many more, you can be sure what food you will try on your next trip.

A high-quality Matcha tea is only complete with the Wagashi (small Japanese desserts) experience. This tour is a chance to learn about seasonal teas in a wonderful tea shop.

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Aside from Buddhist temples, Asakusa is known for its sashimi, tea, and souvenirs. You will often see the side streets and alleyways full of traditional snack shops and fish markets.


One of the places to visit is this well-known pastry shop that has served Matcha and baked goods since 1945. You can enjoy the Matcha experience in this shop. Aside from tea, you can take a look and feel at home with regional snacks like rice crackers and plums, depending on the change of season. With the famous melon pan or melon bread, the tour will now be complete.

Green Tea Tour

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