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Virtual Japanese Cooking Class - What is it?

I am happy to share about my good "Green Tea Friend," who has been hosting a Japanese cooking class in Japan, starting an online virtual cooking class, which has been a huge success. It was a privilege for tourists who visit Tokyo to take her class before (3000+ people have attended), but now her class is available online, so I thought that I had to share this news.

I thought of introducing her to you since you love Japan and green tea.

What is Mayuko's Little Kitchen

Mayuko’s Little Kitchen is a cooking service nestled near Shinjuku Gyoen National Park. If you’re planning on visiting Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, or wandering around Shinjuku, a reservation at her kitchen may fit nicely into your schedule. She offers all kinds of cooking classes, including matcha making for tea lovers, Panda Bento Boxes for the creative types, and perhaps a few options you’ve never experienced before! Her services have also been featured on Japanese TV shows.

Mayuko's Little Kitchen Go Virtual 

Mayuko uses Zoom to teach her popular classes online now. She focuses on using ingredients that can be easily found in the kitchen or supermarket outside of Japan.

The class runs for 1.5–2 hours each, and she teaches you thoroughly how to cook popular Japanese dishes.

Here are her current classes that she is offering (Looking at her images makes me feel hungry!):

Sushi 101 - Amazon Virtual Class!

Chicken Nanban Class

This succulent chicken dish originated in Miyazaki Prefecture, in the far south of Japan. In making Chicken Nanban, we marinate the chicken in a soy sauce-based sweet vinegar sauce before deep frying and top it off with a rich tartar sauce. I have never seen anyone who does not get excited about this dish.

We will also make a suitable side dish, crispy shiitake tofu (or you can use tomato instead of tofu), which will be your lifelong dish!

You can book her classes at this link:

Here is a nice video of her using this tenugui to gift-wrap a sake bottle. How nice!

You can book her classes from this link here

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