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Make Your Breakfast Special with Morning Matcha

Power up your day with a cup of Matcha! It is excellent to start your day by having a great-tasting and healthy breakfast to boost your energy and mood. With Matcha being a popular, beneficial, and delicious drink, you can concentrate on your activities. Matcha and Japanese green teas have more antioxidants compared to other teas. Moreover, with Matcha, you can get the full health benefits of tea, as Matcha is made of ground Japanese whole green tea leaves.

Let's drink and talk about Matcha benefits in the morning and breakfast ideas that are easy to do and incorporate. In the end, you'll be ready to power up your day with a delicious cup of Matcha.

Start your breakfast with a cup of Matcha and feel the difference!

This finely ground green tea powder is rich in antioxidants and has health benefits. Not only does it give you an energy boost, but it can also help improve your focus, reduce stress levels, and even support weight loss. Plus, making a cup of Matcha is easy—add hot water and whisk until frothy! So why not start your day with this delicious drink with many great benefits?

A cup of Matcha might be all you need.

Matcha Green Tea

Having Matcha for late breakfast

If you want a matcha breakfast in the office instead of at home, you can still taste and experience the best matcha benefits until lunchtime. The little caffeine content of Matcha with an energy boost will make you alert and still sleep well at night. However, if you're feeling particularly dizzy or tired after lunchtime, try having a cup of Matcha then as well, but better not after 2 p.m. since you might have difficulty sleeping at night. The caffeine content and antioxidants will give you an afternoon pick-me-up while still providing all the health benefits of drinking this delicious tea. Whatever time works best for you is up to you; make sure to enjoy your cup of Matcha!

How to make a cup of Matcha drink

Making the perfect cup of Matcha isn't as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is start with high-quality matcha powder and a bamboo whisk or electric frother. Then, put one teaspoon of the powder into your cup or bowl and add two ounces of hot water (avoid boiling). Whisk these together until there are no lumps, then add more hot water if desired. Once complete, you should have a bright green tea with a light foam on top. Enjoy!

If you want your Matcha to be extra creamy, try adding milk instead of water when whisking it together. This combination will give your drink an even richer flavor and creamier texture. For added sweetness and flavor complexity, you can also experiment with other ingredients like honey or ginger. No matter what additions you choose, making your own perfect cup of Matcha is easy and satisfying—give it a try today!

Drinking Matcha on an empty stomach

It is not advisable to consume it before your meal because the polyphenols that contain antioxidants and tannins in Matcha cause acidity, resulting in an upset stomach, heartburn, nausea, etc.

Try these breakfast matcha ideas!

Matcha Granola

Matcha Granola

Carbs and fiber help give us energy and make us feel full faster without overeating. Having a granola bowl for breakfast will make your table look like you are having breakfast in the café.

Prepare your granola in a bowl and add blueberries, banana, and kiwi slices. Then, sprinkle with a bit of Matcha for an added boost. You can add milk as you like.

Yogurt and Morning Oats

Matcha Yoghurt Oats

Yogurt and morning oats are beneficial for busy people who want a quick breakfast in the house or on the go. Just sprinkle and mix Matcha with yogurt, or make morning oats by putting rolled oats, cream or milk, fruits, honey, sugar, or any sweetener you like in a jar or food container. Then add some chia seeds and Matcha for a delicious, healthier breakfast snack. Refrigerate, and then tomorrow morning, it will be ready to eat.

By incorporating Matcha into your breakfast, you can experience the full-bodied flavor and numerous health benefits associated with drinking Matcha. In addition, with various recipes available, you can make a delicious cup of perfect Matcha that satisfies your palette while reaping the reward of a sustained energized feeling throughout the day. So why not give Matcha a try for your breakfast tomorrow?

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