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Issaku Tea Package Design Contest Result

Thank you very much for participating in the Issaku Japanese Green Tea Package Design Contest.

What the Contest Was

In the past, you have helped us pick the design of the package for Gyokuro, Matcha, and Nozomi. (Click here to see the contest for GyokuroMatcha, or Nozomi.)

This time, we are designing our flagship product, Issaku.

This tea is where everything started; this was the first tea that won the Global Tea Championship in 2017 and won again in 2019.

This is the most premium Japanese green tea we have, possibly in the entire Japanese tea market.

Issaku Contest
Option 1
Option 2


Comments from People (You)

We really appreciate your comments!

One of the biggest advantages of doing this contest for us is that we get to hear your opinion. For past packages, we updated the design based on comments to finalize.

Here are some observations from all the comments we received and a sample of the comments:

  1. There are several comments on the readability of the font from both sides, but more people said the font in blue is easier to read.

    Here are comments that people mentioned:

    • It is easier to read the white on the blue.

    • The copy on the label contrasts better with the type.

    • I find the blue on the green with white letters easier on the eyes to read and focus on.

    • Blue Label draws better attention to the name.

  2. The color green is associated with tea.

    Here are comments that people mentioned:

    • The green container represents the green tea, and the blue label reads easier.

    • I think you need to show the "greener" part of it, so I prefer the more green and the blue in the middle.

    • Green Tea is Green, so it also represents tea. Though the green bottle is more eye-catching for me.

    • I like the green overall with the blue label as it conveys what's inside.... green tea!

    • Having the leaf in the green area seems best, as it emphasizes its relationship to nature.

    • Both are nice, but the blue on green accentuates the "green" of the product.

    • Some people asked about the material.

    • Is this made of paper product? A cardboard of some sort? Please, I hope it is not another tin container.

Contest Result

And the winner is... Blue on Green!

Here is how people voted:

Issaku Contest Result

New Package is Ready Now!

We are happy to let you know that the Issaku package, which you helped us design, is finally done. 

Here are some photos.



We have created a brand new video about Issaku here too.  Please see: 

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Thank you very much again for all your input and help! 

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