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Matcha Box Design Contest Result

Thank you very much for participating in the Matcha Box Design Contest.

It was very exciting to see so many people participating and commenting on the contests. We really appreciate all the input.

Here is the result from the contests, with selected comments from you. We also have a link to the actual product produced with your selected design.

What The Contest Was

Since it has been a while, let me remind you what the actual contest was.

The contest was a simple 2-question survey to select the best-looking box design.

Here are the questions that you are being asked: (The actual form can be accessed here, and even though the contest is closed, you can still submit your selection if you wish.)

Matcha Question

Matcha Question 2

Why We Needed Box Design

Now let me share with you the reason why we needed the design in the first place when our matcha tin can has been very popular and has been in production for a very long time.

The reason: We are getting into Amazon. 

Yes, we have decided that, with Amazon being the preferred shipping carrier for many of our customers, we wanted to try out and see if our products could be shipped via Amazon Prime. (It is called FBA, or Fulfillment By Amazon.)

We are still learning many things about how Amazon works, but one of the requirements Amazon put in place was a barcode. Our product has to have an Amazon-specific Barcode somewhere on a flat surface.

Our Matcha Tin Can was too small to place the barcode; therefore, we decided to create a new box that could have a barcode on the bottom of the box.

Here is the actual picture of the barcode on the bottom of the design of the box you picked!

Matcha Box Barcode for Amazon

Since we always involve you in the selection and creation of our new products and designs, we hosted a large contest to see what you liked.

Comments from You

We really appreciate all your comments, and we read every one of them.

The resulting box (you can see it at the end of this blog post) is taking in many of your comments on the winning design.

Here are some of the comments we received from you: The selections A–E match the above selection of the box design.

(Sorry, we cannot feature all your comments, so we selected only a few... is your comment there?)

Comments from people who picked Design D

  • This is a lovely design if you want to increase the intensity of flavor. In case you want a more mellow flavor, I would go with design E.
  • This one looks cool and more sophisticated. Just like the taste of matcha.
  • I like many of them equally, but I personally don't really like A and C because they look too wordy with a white background.
  • I chose D but would love to see the color adjusted a little more to have a more matcha hue. Let me know if you need help with that. Shaleah P.
  • The darker shades of the watercolor design pop out, and it caught and drew my eye more than the others. It also reflects the opacity and bold hue of the tea.
  • Option D feels the most unique, playful, and interesting.
  • Being a designer, I'm glad to see you're using the same typography on your packages. Surveying customers like this will empower a few, but it will make others feel like their designs were "lost" and their opinion was not heard.
  • Eye-catching design among them. Some of them are too simple, almost medicine package-like, and some remind me of tissue paper boxes. I strongly recommend my pick. I'm a design consultant (graphics and architectural).
  • I would choose E if it had more green tea leaves or plants on it.
  • The design I selected really stands out from the others. It is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and not cluttered. It draws the eye to the item, whereas the others are too wordy.
  • I like that the packaging has some matcha color on it, but it should be different from other competitors ones. Modern, simple, and healthy-looking is good. I like the "E" and "G" as well. It's hard to choose only one!
  • Hi Kei, I like the one with the splash of green. It was the one my eye first went to. Having the splash wrap around the corner makes it stand out even more. I hope you are well!
  • I really like option D, as I think it looks the most modern. I’m picturing it in someone’s cupboard next to all of their other packaged food items, and how the design would look compared to most other product designs nowadays. -Lexi
    Comments from people who picked Design E
    • This one looks the most inviting; if I were in the tea aisle, this one would stand out the most and make me want to buy Matcha Tea.
    • The others are more like cosmetic boxes. Maybe you still need to get in touch.
    • It caught my eye because it was bright. But the one next to it looked good too.
    • I like the airiness of the tea leaves. The other designs are too busy and look like any other product.
    • The leaves remind me more of Matcha.
    • This one looks fresh and vibrant, like matcha.
    • All of the boxes are very beautiful; however, I find the layout of them reminds me more of a skin care package than a consumable. Beautiful designs!!
    • D would be my second favorite. They both have cleaner lines and colors.
    • Hi Kei. I'm glad to be of service. One suggestion for whatever you choose: Make the font a little larger and darker. A pretty box is a lovely thing, but if you can't read the print, well, that is just frustration.
    • We enjoy your products and communications.
    • Caught my eye immediately.
    • I wish there wasn't a need for all the writing at the front of the package (the bullet points). It affects the image of your product, making it look cheap.But I guess it is a market-specific thing that actually helps you get more sales.
    • Like this box, It is peaceful and Zen-like. 🙂
    • Darken the color of the leaves just a tad.
    • From a quick look, this box most likely represents a box of Japanese tea.

     And The Result

    And here is the result: As you can see from the comment above, Design D and E were the most popular, and we were getting many comments about these two designs. 

    Was your design the winner?

    FYI, my selection was A, so mine wasn't the winner.😞 

    Matcha Box Design

    You Can Get Yours With A Discount

    The reason we waited so long for the result to be announced was that we wanted the product to be ready for you when we announced it. Sorry, it took a long time as we had to produce the box and figure out all the Amazon logistics for shipping, etc. It took a while, but it is here.

    Please click on the image below or link below to be the first one to try out our matcha in the new box you designed.

    For a limited time, please use the coupon code to get 20% OFF Your first order. This should make it cheaper than getting yours from our site for the initial launch discount.

    See Resulting Product On Amazon

    Japanese Green Tea Company Amazon Matcha


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