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Is Green Tea Good for Breastfeeding? – Green Tea Quiz

There are so many foods breastfeeding moms cannot consume, but is green tea one of them? Let's find out!

Breastfeeding provides babies with food and nutrition, especially for the first six months, and mothers will do their best to eat and stay healthy. However, we know that green tea provides many health benefits, and overconsumption will lead to side effects. Lactating moms can drink green tea, but there must be no added herbs in the tea because we usually don't know what effect those herbs will have on them, even the bottled ones.

Kind of Green Tea Breastfeeding mothers can drink

Plain green tea is a sure-safe green tea drink for them. Tea drinkers will also find the taste pleasant because green tea has a hint of sweetness despite its slightly astringent or grassy taste. By drinking plain tea, they can get all the health benefits of green tea. Usually, a person can take up to 3 cups per day, but for breastfeeding moms, 2 cups (230 ml per cup) per day of green tea is the most recommended to avoid side effects.

Regarding the caffeine content, excess caffeine causes difficulty sleeping both for the mom and the baby. Sometimes, even palpitations and irritability occur. On the other hand, a cup of green tea contains only 30 to 50mg of caffeine, and only a very small amount of it gets into the mother’s milk supply unless the mother consumes excessive caffeine. If you are caffeine- or coffee-sensitive, there are decaffeinated green teas to try. These are not caffeine-free, but they only have 2–5 mg. per cup of green tea.

Health benefits of green tea to nursing moms

Green tea has many antioxidants through the catechins. It also helps prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, moms can get fit and back in shape because a bit of caffeine makes them active and lively. Green tea boosts metabolism and helps burn more fat while exercising and eating healthy foods.

The con of green tea, when drank in moderation, is that it blocks iron absorption, so it is recommended to drink tea after the meal because, at this time, moms have already absorbed all the nutrients from their food.

Still, green tea has more benefits than side effects for breastfeeding moms unless consumed in excess of 2 cups daily.

Green tea for infants

Green tea is great for the immune system, but giving it to babies and infants is not recommended because of the caffeine, which will have side effects on the kids. For example, they will have difficulty sleeping, their blood pressure will rise, and they might have heart palpitations.

Kids can start drinking green tea at 4 to 6 years old. Green tea is healthy for them and can also fight off cavities. As with breastfeeding mothers, kids can take as much as 1 cup (230 ml) daily.

In conclusion, breastfeeding moms can drink green tea in small amounts without any other ingredients. Just a reminder that they must not forget to keep drinking water to stay hydrated.

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