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Want Good Oral Health? Our Top Ten Tips For Why Drinking Green Tea Will Get You There!

Are you looking for new ways to infuse your diet with healthy options? Do you want less cavities, a faster metabolism, healthier gums -- and more? Did you know that by drinking Japanese green tea regularly, you can infuse your diet with many healthy benefits that you currently may be missing out on? 

Not only does Japanese green tea taste delicious and is refreshing especially following a meal, but it is rich in benefits. Green tea helps to alleviate inflammation, promotes good oral health over the long-term and is rich in antioxidants -- which contribute to less free radicals in your body and ultimately, less susceptibility to diseases.

If you're ready to boost your oral health today, then read on to get our top 10 tips for why you should start drinking green tea. Here's what you need to know:

1. Keep Your Gums in Good Shape

Green tea has an anti-inflammatory property that helps to keep your gums in good shape and to fight against gum disease, known as periodontal disease. In fact, Colgate reported on a Japanese study that found that regularly drinking green tea leads to better gum conditions and a lower chance of periodontal disease.

2. Have Sweet-Smelling Breath

Green tea also has an astringent quality that makes it a natural cleaner for your mouth. It effectively kills bacterial microbes that lead to foul smelling breath by attacking all sides of your mouth and tongue where those bacterial elements love to thrive. A study from the dentistry school of the University of British Columbia found that bad breath reduced among study participants who consumed a green tea powder at a higher rate than those who chewed minty chewing gum.

couple drinking green tea

3. Get Stronger Teeth

Green tea has the benefit of making your tooth enamel strong. With the onslaught of acidic drinks you probably are intaking in a day -- from coffee to tea to soft drinks -- your mouth's pH can rise to a dangerous acid level and that contributes to the deterioration of your tooth enamel. Green tea helps keep your teeth strong in the midst of the acidic drinks and food you may consume throughout the day.

4. Protect Your Teeth From Cavities

Because green tea is extremely effective at maintaining good basic pH levels in your mouth, it not only tempers the pH level, but it helps to control bacterial levels that lead to infection, to reduce plaque, and to protect your teeth against the onslaught of cavities.

5. Maintain a Full Set of Teeth

Because green tea is a great antidote to bacteria and acid in your mouth, it makes sense that it would lead to healthier gums, less cavities and a less likely chance of developing gum disease. But did you also know that it helps support keeping all of your teeth? That's because overall, the antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties of green tea are creating an environment within your mouth that promotes the stability of your teeth. You're more likely to keep all of your natural pearly whites over time when you incorporate a regular green tea habit into your diet.

6. Keep Oral Cancer at Bay

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants. When antioxidants are swirling around in your mouth, they are fighting free radicals and working hard to thwart cancer growth. A University of Texas study analyzed the progression of precancerous outbreaks in ten mouths of patients and found that those who were given a green tea extract as part of their diet had a slower progression of oral cancer than those who didn't consume the extract. (Read more about topic on my another article - How to Fight Against Anti-Aging by Consuming Japanese Green Tea Daily)

drinking green tea while looking outside

7. Fight Strep Throat

Strep throat is an unpleasant virus that requires medication to get better -- or otherwise you could cause significant strain and damage to your heart. Because of its bacteria-fighting superpowers, green tea can help your mouth and throat stay healthy and fight the onslaught of this virus.

8. Thwart Tooth Sensitivity

Green tea also is known to keep your teeth strong and give them the increased ability to withstand hot and cold substances. This is because green tea naturally fights acid, which can make your tooth enamel weaker. A weak tooth enamel often leads to sensitive areas of your teeth when you are sipping coffee, hot tea or very cold drinks and foods, such as ice cream.

9. Stop Bleeding Gums

If you currently have sensitive teeth, you may from time to time experience bleeding after brushing. Bleeding also can be a sign of gum disease, and you should consult with your dentist if you have either of these issues. Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory substance, and it can keep bleeding at bay by making sure your gums are strong.

10. For All Its Benefits...

For all its great benefits for your mouth, green tea does have one downside -- and that is it can stain your teeth over time just like any other tea. So make sure you swish your mouth with water after every mug to help prevent the tea leaves from building up a stain on the fronts and backs of your teeth. This can happen with any tea use over time. The benefits of green tea certainly outweigh this one consequence -- so just make sure you rinse!

Ready to Start Brewing?

With so many wonderful benefits, it's not an option but a given that green tea should be part of your regular diet. You'll reap the many benefits -- not only for your body -- but for the pleasure it creates in your life.

Brewing green tea can be a social event that helps you connect with your colleagues, friends and loved ones over a steaming mug. It's the perfect antidote to a bad day, a rainy day -- or really any day when you need a little peace and relaxation in your life.

Keep these 10 tips for incorporating green tea into your diet and begin experiencing a new way of living today! You're only a mug away!

Additional Information and Science Behind Why Japanese Green Tea is Good for Oral Health

Now that you are aware of just how green tea can impact your oral health, let’s take a closer look at the scientific evidence behind these facts. What most people aren’t aware of is that scientists have actually been experimenting with green tea for quite a while. As such, there is quite a bit of medical evidence to back up all the claims mentioned here. Let’s get started…

The Impact of Green Tea on Periodontal Disease

So, let’s begin the effect of green tea on periodontal disease. What many people don’t know is that periodontal disease is one of the most several oral health conditions. This is because it is often considered to be the last stage of the disease. As a result, most people experience severe gum recession, tooth loss, and even damage to the gums.

Naturally, finding a way to treat and prevent this disease is rather important. This is where green tea comes in. As mentioned, studies have shown that drinking green tea regularly can help to prevent periodontal disease. However, what if you have already been diagnosed with this issue. Can green tea help then?

drinking green tea

Well, the results are in and it turns out that green tea can help quite a bit. One large study showed that green tea can actually help to tackle various elements of periodontal disease. The participants who drank green tea each day were found to have a decrease in the depth of periodontal pockets. It was also discovered that the individuals were less likely to experience tooth detachment and bleeding gums.

In short, a regular intake of green tea could help to reduce the risk of the symptoms caused by periodontal disease.

How Green Tea Freshens Breath

Now let’s examine how green tea can help to freshen your breath a little more closely. The above section and other sites such as attributed this phenomenon to green tea’s antibacterial and antimicrobial activity. This is absolutely right, but the actual action of green tea is even more fascinating.

Understand, halitosis – or bad breath – is caused by. These, in turn, are the results of microbes breaking down various proteins in the mouth. What the green tea does is to reduce the concentration of the gases so that the bad breath isn’t as prominent.

Of course, green tea also goes one step further. Not only does it get rid of the bacteria and the gases, but it also deodorizes the mouth to get rid of any existing odors. This is what leads to a more pleasant smelling breath. In fact, green tea can have a similar impact as toothpaste, minus the minty taste.

The Role of Green Tea in Protecting Enamel  

As the prior post has noted, green tea can help to protect the enamel. Naturally, this is a good thing as damaged enamel can lead to erosion and increased sensitivity. Fortunately, green tea is able to tackle the main issues causing tooth enamel erosion.  

Nonetheless, just how is it that green tea manages this feat? Before answering this, let’s take a look at the links between enamel, plaque, and acid production. Plaque is actually responsible for the acid production that causes enamel damage. Bacteria congregates on plaque, converting sugars to acid. This is what causes the weakening of the surrounding teeth. The good news, however, is that green tea actively cuts down on this process.

Green tea inhibits the acid production of both the plaque as well as the bacteria. This helps to maintain the overall pH levels at a much healthier level. Thus, there is a much lower risk of damage to the existing enamel.

The Impressive Influence of Green Tea on Cavities

It can be argued that cavities are one of the most prevalent dental issues around the world. This is because it is often due to a number of factors – poor eating habits, poor oral care habits, and a buildup of bacteria in the mouth.

Well, it appears that green tea could be just the thing to help overcome this issue. As the above section mentioned, part of this is because green tea helps to monitor the pH level in the mouth. However, there is more to this.

Green tea is also excellent at fighting the main bacteria strains behind cavities - Escherichia coli, Streptococcus salivarius, and Streptococcus mutans. This means that green tea can be helpful for a number of different people.

The work of green tea against cavities becomes even more impressive, though. Scientists discovered that green tea can have the same impact as some of the most commonly used medicines! That’s right, you just may be able to swap out drugs such as amoxicillin, cephradine, and eugenol for green tea.

The Cancer-Fighting Elements of Green Tea

It has already been covered that green tea can help to prevent the onset of oral cancers. Since this is such an impressive feat, it is interesting to see what goes on under the surface. Well, it appears that.  

Understand, the components of green tea cause what is known as apoptosis in cancerous cells. Essentially, this means that the introduction of green tea causes the death of these cells. Thus, the beverage is able to reduce the population of these harmful agents. This is what can aid in the prevention of cancer cells.

Well, the outlook gets even better. This is because green tea is actually quite selective when it comes to cell disruption. It will only attack harmful cells and leave healthy ones alone. As a result, regular green tea drinkers get to experience all the healthful advantages without having to worry about any negative side effects.

Once you take a look at the science behind green tea, this beverage becomes even more impressive. From its antibacterial properties to cancer-killing capabilities, there is so much to like about green tea. Thus, when you enjoy your daily cup from now on, you can pat yourself on the back knowing that your teeth will be in better condition than ever before.

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