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The Hidden Benefits of Green Tea on Your Skin

Eastern influences are now a huge thing in the world of fashion and beauty. From our favorite ingredients to celebrity styles, the Eastern culture proves that it can stay on par with most Western countries. One of them is the Asian skincare trend that has led many ladies to invest in their skincare routine. While others are trying out painless permanent hair removal for smooth, hair-free skin, some are filling up their carts with skincare essentials.

Among these Asian skincare essentials, green tea has gained a huge following in the skincare community because of its countless health benefits. Packed with antioxidants and other skin-loving ingredients, green tea refreshes our body from the inside out, especially our skin. This widely sought-out health beverage came from the leaves of the evergreen shrub Camellia sinensis, also known as 'tea shrub'. Although green tea started in China, its manufacture and production quickly spread worldwide.

While the skincare community has become saturated with chemical formulations and cosmetic products, green tea offers a natural way to enhance your skin while improving your physical health. So if you want to get better-looking skin, here are some ways green tea improves your skin's health.

Green tea prevents acne 

For those who are struggling to pick the best product for their acne regimen, green tea is the way to go. In a study about the effects of green tea on acne and sebum production, the experiment showed that green tea contains a polyphenolic compound called EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which helps in treating acne, oily skin, and other skin infections.

Sebum production, or the process of naturally secreting oil from our skin glands, is a critical factor in developing acne breakouts and oily skin since it clogs the pores with oil and dirt. Green tea does its wonders by regulating sebum production. It also contains tannins, a natural astringent compound that works by shrinking the pores to lessen skin clogging and balance out the skin's surface.

A person with excess sebum production is likely to experience acne breakouts and clogged pores. While most skin products simply eliminate excess oil on the skin surface, green tea tackles the root cause by reducing oil production in the skin cells. This results in less oily skin without the effects of chemical substances found in several cosmetic products.

Green tea repairs the skin

As mentioned earlier, green tea contains micronutrients called EGCG, which are responsible for green tea's skin repair abilities. EGCG contains antioxidants that protect the skin from the skin-aging effects of the sun. In a study by the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, UV exposure accounts for over 80% of visible signs of skin aging, including wrinkling, scalping, a dry appearance, and impaired pigmentation.

To reduce the damage caused by UV rays, drinking a few cups of green tea reduces inflammation and redness related to sun exposure. Green tea also contains benzoic acid, which treats skin irritation from eczema or burns. Drinking green tea can also eliminate age spots from sun damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

The skin repair properties of EGCG also come with skin-enhancing features by improving moisture retention and skin hydration and reducing wrinkle formation. This means green tea aids in slowing down skin aging by applying it topically or taking oral supplements that contain green tea properties. The continuous use of green tea leads to noticeable results after several weeks by improving the skin's elasticity.

As an anti-aging product, green tea contains catechins, which reactivate dry skin cells. Taking it orally or topically will affect the outermost skin layer, including the formation of age spots and wrinkles associated with free radical damage.

Green tea reduces puffiness and inflammation

Green tea extracts naturally contain moderate amounts of caffeine, a form of vasoconstrictor that works together with tea tannins to minimize blood vessels. As a result, it reduces puffiness around the face and eyes and dark circles. It also gives the skin a brighter appearance that looks rejuvenated and glowing.

Meanwhile, those who suffer from skin inflammation should drink green tea to receive its antioxidant properties, which help fight inflammation. Green tea has an anti-inflammatory ability that eliminates the risk of skin disorders. That is why many skin products today contain green tea extract to maximize its skin-enhancing results. It also contains polyphenols for the prevention of UVB-induced skin problems such as melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer.

Hopefully, you now have an idea how enjoying a cup of green tea goes a long way toward having smooth skin. If you're hesitant to try chemically produced skincare products, using green tea offers a natural way to keep yourself looking and feeling great without putting any artificial substances in or on your body. Not only will your skin look good, but your body will thank you for it, too.

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