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Japanese Green Tea Company at Sakura-Con 2019, Seattle WA

We had a booth at Sakura-Con 2019, held at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle, WA, USA, on April 19–21, 2019. It was a first-time experience for us, and we had lots of fun. Here are photos from the exciting event, including behind-the-scenes photos.

What is Sakuracon?

Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well-attended anime convention in the Pacific Northwest.

This is our first attempt to have a booth at this conference. Since many of our customers are "Japan lovers" who love Japanese culture, including anime, they told us that they were going to this conference. Taking their suggestions into consideration, we decided to be part of this legacy expo for anime lovers to share the joy of loving Japan and Japanese culture.

Here is the link to their official website: Sakuracon 2019.

Photos from Sakuracon 2019

We had lots of fun at the event. I will share highlights from the event. It was wilder than any Halloween Party I have attended.

OK. First of all, let me share my favorite of all. Here is a picture I took with a character from Spirited Away. He was walking like the actual character in the movie!

Kei Nishida with Ghost

Ghost likes matcha?

Before the Event (Behind the Scene photos for setup)

The Seattle Convention Center is located right in the middle of downtown.

Convention Center

When we arrived for setup, they already had the banner and other signs installed.

Sakuracon Banner

This is how it looked before the event.

Before event

And this is during the event. Quite different, huh?

During sakuracon

We got our registration badges. It looked really nice with the laminate! Each year, there is a contest for the drawing, and only one gets picked from all the entries. I do like the design.

Japanese Green Tea Company badge at Sakuracon

Here are Photos of booths during preparation

and here is our booth before setting up.

It is quite an effort to set up the booth. Kudos to all the other vendors; many of the booths looked amazing. A lot of effort goes into this.

And here is how our booth looks!

and me. : ) 

Our surprise this time was a new product "Matcha & Cashew", Thanks to everyone, it sold out on the first day! I will keep you posted when we officially carry these.

Matcha and Cashew

Photos During the Event

And here are people waiting to get into the show before it opens. Isn't it amazing?

And here are photos during the event. 

People at the booth (when not too busy...) thank everyone for stopping by our booth!

And here are some of my favorite costumes, and I had the courage to ask for a picture with me. (Thank you!)

We really had a great time at the event, and I was so excited to meet you all who visited our booth. We are planning to attend next year again. I hope to see you again soon!

Other Events We Participate

Here are some of the other events in which we participated and the pictures and videos from past events.

NW Tea Festival

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