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How To Easily Make Matcha With A Handheld Matcha Whisk Frother

Matcha lovers use a bamboo whisk instead of a wire whisk to avoid scratching the tea bowl and to dissolve the matcha quickly and remove clumps. The prongs of the bamboo whisk are closer than the wire whisk, making matcha foam faster. It is also easy to maneuver when using a bamboo whisk. There are alternatives to bamboo whisks, but nothing beats the matcha quality of using a bamboo whisk, and some of these alternatives take longer to be cleaned.

When you want fast matcha frothing and, at the same time, want to do many cups in a short time. An electric handheld matcha bamboo whisk frother is a must-have for matcha drinkers.

Japan’s technology is always a sign of a durable and high-quality product, and this matcha green tea gadget is made in Tokyo, Japan.

Matcha Whisk"Chasen" Attachment for Electric

This automated electric chasen (bamboo whisk), Charaku, was developed by the brand Willman to cater to matcha lovers with real Japan-quality gadgets to prepare tea. This kitchen tea mixer mimics the up-and-down motion of whisking green tea powder, and the plastic is durable. No more hand

effort and time to wait in making a perfect foam when making matcha. The green color suits well on any tea set and when placed in both traditional and modern kitchens or dining rooms.

Traditional vs Electric Whisk

Matcha makers who always make matcha know that they must whisk fast to make a bowl of matcha. Since there is now a handheld bamboo whisk mixer, they can avoid carpal tunnel and other hand injuries since they will just hold the Charaku electric bamboo whisk for a few seconds. As for the quality, the chasen has many prongs that will make the matcha froth well, and at the same time, the chasen will work for a long time since it has many prongs. A chasen replacement, also by Willman, is available in case the chasen on the machine is worn out. The Charaku Chasen is perfect for cafes and restaurants since work will become faster and the staff can accommodate more orders.

matcha chasen bamboo whisk

Taste the best of foamy and creamy matcha

Many are using handy electric metal whisk frothers, but the matcha powder still has clumps left despite the machine whisking too fast and producing too much foam with larger bubbles. It is a bit of a hassle to transfer from a stainless steel cup to the mug of your choice. If using a mug, it might be scratched by the metal frother.

When using a manual wire whisk, it is tiring and, at the same time, will result in less frothy and less tasty matcha.

With the Charaku electric bamboo whisk foamer, not only is it safe to use on any mug or bowl, but the matcha will quickly become foamy and creamy. Matcha drinking is more convenient, and matcha lovers will have more time to concentrate and enjoy their tea.

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- Kei and Team at Dream of Japan

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