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Does Green Tea Make You Dehydrated?

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Since there’s caffeine in green tea, many believe that it's dehydrating. But does green tea really make you dehydrated? Or is this just a common misconception? That's what we'll talk about in today's post. 

First, let's go to the root of the rumor to figure out how it got started. Most people assume drinks with caffeine automatically cause dehydration because of their diuretic effect. With that in mind, it's easy to see why so many people wonder if green tea dehydrates them.

But here's the good news: according to medical science, green tea actually rehydrates you.

How? Let's find out!

Does Green Tea Make You Dehydrated? 

When you drink beverages with water, your body is already taking in as much fluid as it needs, and then you will urinate to expel the extra fluids. In short, tea does increase urine production but does not cause you to lose more fluids.

As such, the British Dietetic Association recommends tea for hydration. Additionally, their studies show that dehydration only happens when very high doses of caffeine are consumed.

According to several studies and The University of Maryland Medical Center, the recommended amount of green tea consumption is no more than two to three cups per day. This recommended dosage has around 240–320 mg of polyphenols (a.k.a. flavonoids—learn more about them in this post) that help tea drinkers get the best health benefits of green tea without the overconsumption of caffeine and dehydration.

(Learn more about the health benefits of green tea in this post.)

These flavonoids have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and help with digestion, relaxation, weight loss, and dissolving plaque in blood vessels. As this research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows, you will only have a significant diuretic effect if you consume at least 6–13 cups each day.

In that case, it can cause dehydration, increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and cause headaches and insomnia. However, when you consume at least one but no more than two to three cups a day, you can reap many of the impressive health benefits of green tea. With all of that being said, tea is one of the best and healthiest alternatives to water!

Caffeine and Catechin in Green Tea

So, let's sum it up: Green tea has mild caffeine levels, is safe to drink in moderation, and is unlikely to cause dehydration.

  • Caffeine can help you stay alert and burn more fat when you drink it before exercising.
  • Aside from caffeine, green tea has EGCG, known as catechins, that helps break down fats and move those fats in the bloodstream to make muscles more active.
  • Consuming green tea can help you relax and calm down.
  • If you are craving an extra snack, green tea suppresses your appetite, and you will feel full after just one or two cups of tea.

Green tea has more benefits, and having caffeine does not mean it causes dehydration. Yes, it indeed causes more bathroom visits to flush out extra sodium and water. But sipping moderate cups of green tea does not contribute that much to your fluid intake and does not have a dehydration effect.

According to Dr. Daniel Vigil, clinical professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, if you find yourself with headaches or other symptoms, you may just be sensitive to caffeine or you’re dehydrated—nothing to do with your tea habit!

Unique Health Properties

The unique health property found in teas but not in any other beverages is the high flavonoid content. And guess what? It's an excellent source of hydration! It is also an antioxidant that can help you flush toxins out of your body. In short, aside from being a healthy fluid, green tea also contains additional health benefits compared to other fad caffeinated drinks.

So, why not start enjoying the hydration and other health benefits of green tea for yourself? Click here to shop a selection of the best Japanese green teas available.

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