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Can I Put Nano-CBD Oil In My Japanese Green Tea?

If you're the type who prefers a cup of tea over coffee, then you’re aware of the benefits that it can give you. From your breakfast to your afternoon snacks, tea is one of the most relaxing and calming beverages that you can take. Plus, it's also rich in numerous health benefits that make it safe for you to take every day, particularly with Japanese Green Tea.

To increase the health benefits that you can receive, many people choose to add nano-CBD oil to their green tea. Here are the benefits you can gain from doing so:

But First: What’s Nano CBD Oil?

The thing about oil and water is that they don't always mix. The process is quite technical to understand. But a simple way to understand it is to visualize the example of a salad with vinaigrette. If you look closely at the mixture through the microscope, you'll see that there are small droplets of oil that are left, which are separated from the water. In essence, this is what Nano CBD is like.

As its name suggests, nano means small. This means that in every bottle or drop of CBD, it has gone to a nanomicroscopic level. For your CBD to interact well with green tea, it has to be dissolved first through an edible carrier—in most cases, coconut oil.

This is because mixing CBD oil with your green tea isn't as simple as literally mixing them. Otherwise, it ceases to be effective. The Nano CBD oil provides a higher quality of CBD benefits.

When’s The Best Time To Drink CBD-Infused Green Tea?

You can drink CBD-infused green tea at any time of the day that you desire. However, take note that CBD is best absorbed when there's fat. Thus, the best piece of advice for you to follow is to take CBD-infused green tea on a full stomach.

Doing so will allow you to enjoy its benefits to the fullest, which are:

  1. Nano CBD Oil Has Increased Benefits

    When you digest CBD oil in its smallest form, or the smallest droplets, you'll get to enjoy more of its benefits. The human body can naturally absorb more nutrients from the oil when it's in its tiniest form. The basic equation is that the smaller the oil droplets are, the more they can interact with your body's enzymes and absorptive issues.

    In simpler terms, this means that your body takes in the nano-CBD Oil faster and stronger. Hence, you get to enjoy more of its benefits. If you're taking CBD oil with your green tea to relax, this feeling of relaxation is heightened.

  1. Helps Improve Your Immune System

    One of the most common reasons people drink tea is because of its health benefits. Especially when it's mixed with CBD oil, these benefits don't disappoint.

    As to your immune system, this is one area that CBD tea addresses well. Because it’s rich in antioxidants, it improves your body's ability to combat common diseases. In fact, for those people who choose to have more natural means of healing, this is precisely the reason why they're drawn to CBD and green tea.

    If your immune system can function well, the need for you to keep using synthetic medicines is eliminated or reduced when infusing nano-CBD oil with Japanese green tea.

  1. Natural Pain Relief

    If you’re accustomed to taking synthetic pain relievers, perhaps now's a good time for you to give your body a break. You might want to consider taking CBD oil with green tea instead.

    Because it's in its nanoform, the CBD is now water-soluble. This means that the body quickly absorbs it, as mentioned above. Hence, through this tea, you might be able to eliminate the need to ingest more synthetic pain relievers.

    You can now enjoy one of the most inherent benefits of CBD: easing pain. If you can have a more natural means of relieving your pain, then why not?

  1. Can Help You Sleep Better

    Cannabis, or the hemp plant, has relaxing effects and benefits for the body. And green tea does the same as well. When you mix both, your sleep quality can improve.

    Although green tea has caffeine, it doesn't keep you up as much as coffee does. Many choose to take it as a relaxant in the middle of a stressful day. With the relaxing benefits of cannabis, it helps you sleep better. Your quality of relaxation and mood improve. Any stressful feelings that you have are easily managed when drinking Japanese green tea with nano-CBD oil.

  1. Calms An Upset Stomach

    Ever remember how, when you had an upset stomach, your mother would let you drink green tea as a natural remedy? It helps ease the churning, twisting, and burning sensations in your stomach. Make the effect even better by putting nano-CBD oil in your green tea.

    The natural antioxidants that are present in the Nano CBD oil can help build your immunity to fight a stomach bug. Because it's all-natural, you don't have to worry about ingesting too many chemicals that might only make you feel worse.

  1. Calms Your Anxieties

    If you've long become accustomed to taking pills to combat your anxiety, now you can make a positive change in your life. Synthetic pills have more adverse side effects for you than the benefits that you're set to receive. Withdrawal symptoms from these pills may also be more extreme.

    With CBD oil in your Japanese green tea, this is a more natural way for you to calm your anxieties. Once you feel an anxiety attack kicking in, try to combat it with this natural relaxant.


Tea is very rich in antioxidants. This is precisely the reason why many people have found themselves crazy about tea. For the loyalists, it's as if they can't go on with their day without their dose of tea.

To double the benefits that you can gain from it, many have chosen to put nano-CBD Oil in their tea. It makes you relax better, gives you optimum health benefits, and may even improve your immune system.

Because Nano CBD Oil is already free of any psychoactive components, it has become a favorite drink among tea lovers all over the world.

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