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Best Documentaries Every Tea Lover Must Watch

Ralph Waldo Emerson says, "Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea." Well, ask a tea lover, and he will tell you about the therapeutic effects of tea and how they find strength and hope in it.

And obviously, you can relate to all of the aforementioned statements if you fancy tea. Whether you agree or not, tea is the best drink to have all year, in winters and summers, in happiness and sorrow, in solitude, and with a companion.

Well, obviously, you haven’t landed on this page to get insights into the benefits of tea. So, coming straight to the point, if you are absolutely passionate about it, this article lists some of the classic documentaries that revolve around tea.

You must buckle up yourself for an exciting journey that will increase your knowledge about different types of tea and treat your gratification seriously! But before we move ahead and discuss documentaries in detail, you must note that fast internet is directly related to optimal entertainment.

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Anyway, check out the list of must-watch documentaries about tea:

1. All In This Tea

China is known as the hometown of tea. Tea has been deeply rooted in Chinese culture for thousands of years. And thus, it has to offer more to tea lovers than anyone else. When it comes to learning about a variety of tea types, from organic to inorganic, there is a lot to learn.

And if you are interested in organic and sustainable tea production, then this documentary, All in This Tea, has got you covered. David Le Hoffman, a tea connoisseur, explores Chinese tea and discovers how small farmers grow a variety of high-quality teas.

With stunning visuals and fascinating discoveries into the world of diverse organic teas, this documentary is a treat to watch. James Norwood Pratt's cameo is an interesting part of the documentary.

All In This Tea

2. The Tea Trail with Simon Reeve

After talking about China, how can we miss out on Kenya, which is one of the top producers of tea in the world? If you want to discover information about the tea industry in Kenya, then The Tea Trail with Simon Reeve is for you.

Released in 2014, this documentary shows all the positive and negative sides of the tea industry in Kenya. Journalist Simon Reeve travels to Kenya to unearth the stories behind the most popular drink, and as a tea lover, it’ll be great if you embark on the same journey by watching this amazing documentary.

3. Rikyu

Preparing and drinking Japanese tea is known to be a meditative process, and therefore, it has a special place in the tea industry. If you, like many others, love Japanese tea, then Rikyu can take you on the journey of Sen no Rikyu, the master of the masters, the best Japanese master from the 16th century.

Rikyu is a very old documentary, based on a novel, shot in 1989. You may also watch Death of a Tea Master, which has a similar plot.

Rikyu documentary

4. Great British Ships: Cutty Sark: 150 Years of War and Speed

Great British Ships is a documentary series that went on air in 2018. In the documentary, Engineer Rob Bell discovers the secret of historic ships that changed the fate of the UK. In its second season, the episode Cutty Sark: 150 YEARS OF War and Speed explores the journey of a tea clipper. It explains all the challenges that it endured, from drunken drivers to murderous crews, and finally a fire in 2007.

5. The Tea Explorer

The Tea Explorer allows you to explore the ancient tea horse road and delve into an experience that is visually aesthetic and very informative. The explorer Jeff Fuchs allows you to discover the streets of Younnan through interviews with old tea transporters. This documentary is a must-watch for everyone.

6. Nice Cup Of Tea

Not just in Asia, tea has become a staple in every British household. Victoria Wood, the comedy legend, travels across the world to find the British love for tea. From Kolkata to New York, this documentary takes you on an expedition for a truly Nice Cup of Tea. No matter what the place or the setting, Victoria Wood will show you Britain’s passion for tea.

7. The Meaning Of Tea

Scot Chamberlin Hoyt’s The Meaning of Tea is a dose of general information about tea. This documentary explores different tea cultures, tea types, their significance, and just about everything you need to know about tea.

You may ask people around you who are disinterested in tea to watch this documentary to understand what makes tea so special.

The Meaning Of Tea

8. Masala Chai

It is not possible to miss out on an Indian take on tea. People in India and South Asia, in totality, are passionate about tea. And surprisingly, India has a unique taste for tea, as this documentary reveals.

Masala means spices, and Chai means tea in Hindi or Urdu. This documentary will help you discover the spicy and fragrant Indian chai and Chai Wallas (tea makers and vendors).

Wrapping Up

If you can’t resist having a cup of tea, then you must watch movies based on tea, which will increase your knowledge and also give you exposure to the vast variety of tea blends out there. So, this weekend, get a cup of tea and be ready to binge-watch tea documentaries.

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