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2022 Japanese Green Tea Co.’s Best Sellers

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Let's look at our best sellers, where your favorite tea might be included. Then, discover the tea items that are the community’s most wanted and that you could have in your tea collection.

1. Gokuzyo Aracha

"The name means the very best. Indeed it is. My wife thinks so, too. This is my second order and I decided to put it on subscription order. Distinctly different from other green teas-aroma and taste." - Review by Tetsuhiro M.

Gokuzyo means "the highest grade" in Japanese. The best of the tea leaves were hand-picked based on the quality of the leaves, aroma, taste, and water level chosen by the trained tea masters. The tea is harvested immediately, kneaded, steamed, and dried to preserve its intense aroma and flavor.

Aracha means "wild tea" and is known as crude tea. However, some tea drinkers prefer the original tea shape because of its beautiful color and unique mild taste. Gokuzyo Aracha is the best green tea with coarse, broken, and twig tea leaves.

2. Japanese Diet Pu-Erh Tea

"I didn't realize this was a dieting tea, but I have always loved Pu-Erh, so I ordered.

This is a very delicate tea, not as strong as other Pu-Erhs I have tasted, and I must say I loved its flavor. I could get addicted to this new flavor! " - Review by Sharon M.

The award-winning Saryu Soso Japanese Diet Pu-Erh Tea is famous in Japan and can help you slim down and cut off those extra inches on your waist. In addition, it contains Teadenol, which makes your skin smooth and beautiful.

It’s a tie on #3! Nozomi and Matcha.

3. Covered Green Tea – Nozomi

"I lived in Japan several years ago. Since returning, I found it impossible to locate authentic Japanese green tea. Finally, I found the real deal, just as I remember it. Once I opened the pouch, the aroma was fresh and distinct. The brewed tea resulting has that familiar flavor that cannot be duplicated." - Review by Todd D.

Nozomi is a rare Kabusecha green tea from Mt. Fuji. Kabusecha is a Japanese green tea from the words Kabuseru, meaning "to cover," and cha, which means "tea." The beautiful green color of the Nozomi tea leaves results from the tea plants being covered using a special net under sunlight for days to increase the chlorophyll in these tea leaves for a more umami taste and become less bitter.

#3 Too: Premium Japanese Matcha

"I am enjoying this tea. I like its taste better than other matcha teas. It has a fresh flavor with a smoothness in its finish. I drink it in its pure form. In my opinion, its flavor is too nice to mix in lattes." - Review by Roxanne C.

This premium powdered Japanese green tea is made from premium Japanese green tea plants cultivated with thick grasses and sugarcane syrup for added nutrients to the soil, resulting in the tea leaves sweet taste.

4. Premium Green Tea - Issaku Reserve

"I rarely write reviews, but this Premium Green Tea is fantastic! It is like no other green tea I have tasted. The tea is without any harsh grassiness and is slightly sweet and extremely flavorful. A wonderful tea." - Review by Christine S.

Issaku is the best premium traditional Japanese green tea offered by our store. Farm Master Mr. Arahata created this tea at Arahataen Green Tea Farm. This high-grade tea is hand-picked and undergoes a complex and lengthy process to guarantee the traditional taste. Because of this, only a few are available every year.

5. Gyokuro Shaded Imperial Japanese Premium Green Tea

"Hands down amazingly rich and robust high-quality green tea. Spectacular price on autoship and superb customer service!" - Review by Suzanne W.

Gyokuro is a high-end green tea known as jade dew or jewel dew tea that was shaded using specially made mats under the sunlight for 20 days. The long-covered period and cultivation process are why the tea leaves are dark green, almost mossy green, and have a rich taste with layers of flavor that do not overpower one another.

And now, this runner-up is almost in the top 5 best sellers.

Runner Up: Genmai Matcha

"The aroma of roasted genmai comes through not like other companies." - Review by Tetsuhiro M.

With high-quality sticky roasted popped brown rice and premium matcha green tea grown in sugarcane soil, this Genmai Matcha, or Genmai-cha, is mild and easier on the stomach. This tea is great to drink after fasting.

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