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What To Look For When Buying Coffee Filters

Many people think that all you need is a pot of hot water and some ground coffee when making coffee. In reality, though, if you want to make a great cup of coffee, you need to use a coffee filter. Coffee filters help remove oils and sediment from the coffee grounds, which results in a cleaner and smoother cup of coffee. Coffee filters are a necessary part of any coffee lover's arsenal. There are many types of coffee filters, from cloth to metal, but they serve the same purpose: to clean and filter your coffee.

What To Look For When Buying Coffee Filters

The Different Types of Coffee Filters

Coffee filters come in many different types and can be used for various purposes. Common coffee filter types include paper, metal and cloth filters.

Paper Filters

Paper filters are the most common type as they are inexpensive and can be used with hot and cold coffee. They absorb oil from coffee grounds and result in a clean, thin, and bright coffee. In addition, these filters are considered safe to use. Once the coffee is poured into the cup, the user can unfold the filter and enjoy the fresh, delicious coffee.

Do not buy paper filters that are too thin as these can let water pass through at a faster rate resulting in a less-brewed coffee.

  • Unbleached paper filters are brown and more natural than bleached ones. Environmental-friendly too. However, these unbleached filters leave a paper taste on the coffee unless it is pre-rinsed before brewing.
  • Bleached paper filters are bleached in chlorine or oxygen. Only a tiny amount of bleach is used, which does not affect the coffee taste. They are also safe to use.

The pros are it is cheap, timesaving as you will throw it, and no coffee grounds residue will drop on the cup.

While the cons are high paper wastage as you cannot reuse it, it might not be environmental-friendly, and coffee might become acidic in taste because there are no micro-coffee particles present on the brewed coffee.

Oxygen bleached filters are more natural and of high quality than chlorine-bleached ones. As a result, these are less harmful to the environment and do not require as many manufacturing materials as chlorine-bleached ones.

Coffee Paper Filter

Metal Filters

Metal filters are made from either stainless steel, copper, or aluminum. These filters are more expensive than paper and cloth filters, but they are also relatively affordable. They are also easy to clean, which is a bonus and can result in a higher-quality cup of coffee. In addition, it is reusable and can produce tastier coffee flavor and more aroma because of the coffee oils.

Metal filters that are canister types are best for people who want to make large quantities of coffee. They are larger than paper filters and have a removable filter holder. Canister filters are reusable and eco-friendly.

However, coffee grounds and oils will not be filtered enough compared to other coffee filters and will quickly pour into the cup. With too much coffee oil in the drink, the coffee drink will oxidize or will make the coffee taste acidic and more bitter in a short time. The appearance of the coffee will be dark and cloudy.

Cloth Filters

Cloth filters are made from cloth and are designed to be used with hot coffee. They are easy to clean and provide a high-quality cup of coffee. Cloth filters are made from fabric and are designed to be used with hot coffee. They are more expensive than paper filters but are more efficient and retain more of the flavor of the coffee.

Cloth coffee filters produce a superior cup of coffee when managed well. It does require more work to get a cup of coffee that is superior to those produced by paper filters, but the extra work is worth it. The disadvantage is you have to wash cloth filters, and it depends on how clean it is to be used again. Also, it is messier than using paper and metal coffee filters.

Coffee Cloth FIlter

Coffee Filter Shapes

There are two main types of coffee filters: cone type and basket (flat-bottom) type. Cone-type filters are round and have a hole in the middle. The cone shape of this filter causes the water to be gathered into a single place from center to bottom. Paper cone filters are often folded in half so that the filtering surface is on the inside, and the cup is placed over the filter.

Basket-type filters have a shorter coffee extraction time because the water spreads through the coffee grounds faster.

The main difference between these two filters is how they capture coffee grounds. Cone-type filters capture more of the coffee grounds, while basket-type filters capture fewer.

Cone filters can generally produce more tangy, sweet, and berry flavors when brewing light-roasted coffee grounds.

When it comes to dark-roasted coffees, there will be a strong and bitter delicious flavor when using cone types, while for basket types, there will be a chocolatey and earthly flavor.

Ultimately, choosing between these two types of filters comes down to personal preference. If you're looking for a basic filter to brew coffee, either type will work.

Basket-type filters are often used in drip coffee machines, flat-bottomed drippers, and coffee maker machines.

Top 10 Coffee Filters on Amazon

These recommendations are not from the best to okay, and vice versa. However, we want to share these products that you might not know or want to discover.

Inwoditeki 2-4 Cups Natural Coffee Filters Unbleached Paper Filters


Cone Coffee Filters, 2-4 Cups Natural Coffee Filters Unbleached Paper Filters V02, Compatible with V60 and No.2 Size Pour Over Drippers (100)


This cone filter is made from natural raw wood pulp. It is odorless, fine, and uniform in thickness. The set has 100 pieces and is compatible with No. 2 size and V60 pour-over drippers.

Outus Replacement Round Paper Coffee Filter

Replacement Paper Filters Paper Coffee Filter Round Coffee Maker Filters Compatible with Aerobie Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Makers (Unbleached, 500 Pieces)

Aeropress and Espresso coffee shop owners might find these round coffee filters a good deal. Chlorine-free, strong, and have nice water and air permeability, these coffee filters can keep the taste of the original coffee. With 500 pieces of unbleached round paper coffee filters, coffee lovers and shop owners will not run out of coffee stocks. The good thing is it is compatible with several espressos and other coffee machines.

Segarty Unbleached Paper Coffee Filters

Segarty #1 Coffee Filters Cone, 200 Count Pack Size 1-2 Cup Natural Unbleached Brown Paper Disposable Pour Over Maker Basket Dripper for Most Brewer Machine for Home, Office, Cafetera

Strong and resistant to tearing, these coffee filters help in filtering oils and micro coffee particles for effective brewing and getting the best out of the coffee. The filters are suitable to coffee makers using size #1 coffee cone filters.

Bolio Hemp Cloth Unbleached Reusable Coffee Filter

Bolio Organic Hemp Reusable Coffee Filter (1, No.4 Flat)

For coffee connoisseurs who own Savoy, Krups and Cuisinart coffee machines, try this hemp cloth coffee filter! Made of 100% natural hemp fibers and unbleached, you will be safe. It is reusable and great for reducing paper waste. For a rich and flavorful coffee, damp some hot water before use.

Barista Warrior Copper Coated Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

Barista Warrior Compatible for Hario V60 & Chemex Pour Over Coffee Filters - Reusable Stainless Steel- Best Coffee Maker and Bar Accessories (Copper Coated)…

This quality stainless steel coffee filter is said to be equivalent of 25,000 paper coffee filters in terms of usage. Unlike paper filters that maybe sometimes compromise coffee taste, this metal coffee filter removes the paper taste and at the same time, keeps the oils and grounds pour into the cup. It is compatible with Hario V60 (02 and 03), Chemex (6,8,10 cup), and other standard coffee drippers.

If You Care Unbleached Basket Coffee Filters

If You Care Unbleached Coffee Filters Basket, 8 inch, 100 ct

They really care about your coffee and the environment. These paper basket coffee filters are premium quality and compostable, meaning you can just include these on your compost pit. No chlorine is used and wasted. With the durability and measurement of 8 inches flat out and 3.25 inches bottom, coffee grounds will not spill out.

FIFOKICHO Reusable 8-12 Cup Basket Dishwasher Safe Coffee Filter

Reusable Coffee Filters 4 Packs - 8-12 Cup Mr Coffee Filters Permanent Basket Coffee Filter Reusable for Mr. Coffee, Black & Decker Coffee Maker-with Handle, Safe& Easy to Clean

Having new beautiful coffee filters for long-lasting coffee maker brands like Black & Decker, Proctor Silex, and Regal is now possible for a better coffee. These basket coffee filters are BPA-free and can help enhance the taste of coffee by allowing the natural coffee flavor to pass through the cup. Odorless plastic and no metallic taste.

Yeosen Reusable Coffee Basket Filters 

 Reusable Coffee Filters 8-12 Cup Permanent Coffee Filters Basket Washable Compatible with Mr. Coffee Black & Decker Coffee Maker Filter Parts BPA-free

This simple-looking stainless-steel coffee filter is dishwasher-safe and can filter 8-12 cups of coffee servings. Yeosen customer service will refund or replace the item within one month in case delivered with damage or maybe in case of easy breakage too, but this filter is durable for coffee brewing use. It is compatible with Black & Decker and Mr. Coffee home coffee machines. It helps to filter the coffee grounds faster without compromising the rich coffee taste.

LHS Coffee Disposable Cone Paper Coffee Filters

LHS Coffee Paper Filters 100 Count Disposable Cone Coffee Filters Brown Paper Coffee Filters for Pour Over and Drip Coffee Makers (1-2 cup)

Having thick and durable paper coffee filters is very convenient since the coffee beans will not spill meaning no mess. With the cone design and premium paper material used to make the LHS coffee paper filter, all the coffee oil and beans will gather in the cone resulting in more coffee flavor, served hot with less bitter taste, unlike with other paper filters where the coffee lacks color and flavor.

Apace Living Pour Over Stainless Steel Metal Coffee Filter

Apace Living Pour Over Coffee Filter - Wide Metal Base Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper - Perfect for Chemex Hario Bodum & Other Coffee Makers - Paperless Coffee Filter for Sustainable Brewing

Sophisticated looking, this coffee metal cone filter is really reusable and effective in coffee filtering. It has a sealed tip for better coffee filtering than other metal coffee filters. Its top is wide so you can put more coffee beans. Aside from being dishwasher-safe, it fits on most Chemex, Hario, and other coffee drip machines. A bit pricey but provides value for money.

Try one of these featured coffee filters, and you will surely enjoy your day's cup of tea.

• Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.
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- Kei and Team at Dream of Japan

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