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Top 10 Japanese Coffeeware Gift Guide 2024

We love to drink coffee, and with cafés sprouting left and right, we tend to try different coffee drinks. Japanese cafés are trendy anywhere, and we wanted to have a Japanese café interior or products in our homes. Some of us, coffee lovers, even buy espresso machines and other coffee-making tools. Coffee-making is tastier and warmer to your heart when your loved ones give you coffee-related items, or you can make your coffee-enthusiast friends happy when you give one to them.  I hope this guide will help you choose and decide what is the best yet surprising coffeeware gift to have, especially on the holiday season from the leading coffeeware makers in Japan.

Top 10 Japanese Coffeeware Gift Guide

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper, Size 02

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper, Size 02, White

With the tradition of 400 years of doing Arita ware porcelain craftsmanship, this ceramic coffee dripper gives a simple dripper, a clean and sleek design. The spiral design inside is made to brew more coffee. It is also available in white and red designs.

I wrote more about the Hario V60 here.

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Hario Buono V60 Series 

Hario Buono V60 Series - Transparent Drip Coffee Brewing Set from Japan

Glass coffee drippers are nice to look at and there are heatproof transparent coffee drippers available, and this set will be perfect for coffee brewing beginners. The good thing is the package includes coffee filters, a scoop, and a server, so you will be ready to make your own delicious, brewed coffee.

Kalita Wave 155 Dripper, Ceramic

Kalita brings a quality coffee experience through making premium coffeeware products. One of their popular products is this ceramic coffee dripper. Perfect for both coffee brewing beginners and professionals, the flat bottom design makes the coffee even spread and allows the coffee and water to brew evenly through the holes.

For an introduction to Kalita and the Kalita Wave Series, feel free to know more about Kalita in my post.

Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder

Hario "Skerton Plus" Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder, Black

This high-quality manual coffee grinder can grind a few coffee beans to coarse, medium, and fine grind. Non-slip and easy to grind coffee beans. It is best to grind a few fresh coffee beans instead of grinding too many of them and storing them for too long—also, a good travel companion to drink coffee in a nature setting.

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Kalita Coffee Mini Mill

Kalita Coffee Mill Mini Mill

The look of this small coffee grinder will surely remind you of a kissaten. The wooden box makes this grinder a classic coffeeware. Sturdy and well-made, this coffee mill does not only grind coffee well, but it can also become an additional aesthetic item to traditional Japanese or Canadian log or wood interior designed rooms.

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Kalita Wave 185 Drippers

Kalita Wave 185 Drippers

As always with Kalita drippers, the three holes on the flat bottom make the coffee extraction even. The design is nice to place in modern coffee shops or industrial-designed establishments. It can accommodate 26 to 45g. of coffee and can make 16 to 26 ounces of brewed coffee.

Hario Ceramic Canister Coffee Grinder


Hario Ceramic Canister Coffee Grinder, Wood


Mostly made of ceramic and is antique-looking, this coffee grinder does not transfer heat and, at the same time, shaves the coffee beans, not cracking these, unlike ordinary coffee grinders. Stylish yet can provide a consistent coffee grind.

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Hario Smart G Ceramic Coffee Mill

Hario Coffe Smart G Ceramic Coffee Mill, Clear, One Size

A must-have coffee item for convenience and accuracy, this compact and slim coffee grinder is excellent for camping and measuring the coffee grind. No need to dismantle many parts of this small coffee grinder. This small-sized smart coffee mill can let you change the grind size. Because of the transparent color, coffee-making outside is more fun, and you will feel more involved in the quick fresh coffee drink making process.
Try to give one of these, and they will appreciate the art of traditional coffee drink making. Together with fresh coffee beans, brewing is fun and easy. They can also mix the coffee with other tasty drinks.

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Elementi Electric Coffee Whisk

Handheld milk frother

No need to spend more for a coffee equipment upgrade. Make a latte or cappuccino at home by using a small frother whisk. Unlike other electric whisks, the Elementi coffee whisk has a frother stand included. Its high-speed motor can create foam within 15 to 20 seconds. The ergonomic handle prevents your hand from slipping while whisking. 

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- Kei and Team at Dream of Japan

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