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Everything you need to know about Vietnamese Egg Coffee

I love eggs, and this unique Vietnamese coffee has caught my attention. Since there is not much information about this coffee, I thought of creating this blog post about this fantastic Vietnamese coffee.

Everything you need to know about Vietnamese Egg Coffee

1. What is the history of Ca Phe Trung (Vietnamese Egg Coffee)?

In the period of French domination of Vietnam, France imported coffee into Vietnam in 1857 and chose the Central Highlands as the place to cultivate this product that is said to be black gold favored by Europe. Since then, Vietnam has seen the appearance of coffee-bean-based drinks initially enjoyed by the wealthy but have progressively expanded to the poorer classes.

Since then, the first wave of coffee imported and culturally integrated into Vietnam arrived in 1975. Coffee served to eliminate the boundary between rich and poor, and everyone could enjoy it, a fragrant filter of coffee after a long day of work. As a result, both North and South Vietnam are seeing an increase in the number of coffee shops.

Nguyen Van Giang, who died in 1987, created egg coffee while working in a kitchen at the renowned French hotel Metropole. He encouraged Vietnamese people to enjoy this delightful drink when creating drinks for international diners, such as cappuccino dishes using components such as coffee, milk, ice cream, etc. However, because fresh milk cream was scarce and expensive at the time, most Vietnamese people could not afford it for themselves.

He immediately thought of a coffee and egg combination. He believed that Vietnam had a lot of tasty eggs, so why not take advantage of them? And since then, egg coffee began to appear at Giang's coffee shop in 1946, a drink that was unique to Vietnamese people at that time but at a low price that all classes of people could enjoy.

2. What makes Ca Phe Trung appealing?

Those who have never had egg coffee will have numerous questions about how the fishy flavor of eggs may be balanced with the bitter content of coffee. But once you've experienced it, no matter how picky a diner is, they'll be fascinated entirely by all five senses, from sight to smell to taste. This is because egg coffee is not only tasty but also visually appealing. The egg foam and coffee combination produce a beautiful golden brown color. Each black coffee bean is filtered through a filter, yet when mixed with beaten eggs, they appear to be divided, erupting in tiny dots and making countless gorgeous natural patterns.

Egg coffee tastes similar to brown coffee with condensed milk but without the intense sweetness when you drink it. It's identical to a latte or cappuccino but not as bland and sharper. The power of coffee remains, but before reaching the bitter aftertaste, the entire throat is filled with the delightful, soft, sweet fat of eggs, butter, sugar, and milk.

3. How to taste this drink properly.

When enjoying egg coffee, you should also consider using it to get the most out of the drink's distinct flavor.

  • The best way to enjoy egg coffee is to tilt the cup so that you can drink both the coffee and the egg cream. At this moment, the unique scent of coffee combines with the rich flavor of egg cream.
  • Use less egg cream on top and mix the coffee and egg cream. This drink will give you a sweeter taste of coffee while minimizing the bitterness of pure coffee.
  • To avoid fishy flavors, use coffee while it is still hot.

4. How to make tasty Vietnamese egg coffee

Those who have never had egg coffee will wonder if the coffee is fishy. Or how to make egg coffee without being fishy? Egg coffee ultimately conquers all senses, from sight to smell and taste, because they have a unique way of creating recipes. So let's find out this recipe right away.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Make the egg-cream mixture:

  • 2 Egg yolks
  • 20 ml Condensed milk
  • 20g Sugar
  • 10ml Rum or 1tsp vanilla for scent

Make coffee

  • 125 ml Filtered coffee
  • 30 ml Condensed milk 


  • Tea filter
  • Measuring cup
  • An egg whisk or egg beater
  • Mugs, cups, spoons

How to Make Ca Phe Trung Without Fishy

Step 1: Prepare the coffee filter: Rinse the filter with boiling water, fill it with 20g of coffee, and close the top. Pour 15ml of boiling water around the filter to allow the coffee to absorb the water uniformly. Then wait 2-3 minutes for the coffee to expand evenly, pour hot water over 3/4 of the filter, close the lid, and let the coffee flow out.

Step 2: Prepare the egg-cream mixture: Separate the egg yolks and set them in a large mixing bowl. Add the condensed milk, sugar, and alcohol to the bowl and beat with a spatula until the eggs thicken into cream, lifting them with a spoon. A comparison is acceptable. It just takes 2-3 minutes to beat a coffee machine.

Step 3: To make egg coffee, add 30ml of condensed milk after brewing the coffee filter and gently stir until the liquid is even. Keep in mind that you should start gently to keep the coffee warm and maintain the flavor. Then, slowly pour the egg-cream on top. Because the egg cream is lighter, it will float on top; run it with a 1:1 egg cream: coffee ratio to get the most exquisite level. Finally, garnish with a bit of cocoa powder.

Please note that only hot drinking egg coffee will bring the authentic taste of Hanoi, so if the coffee you brewed for a long time has cooled down, you should put it back in the microwave to heat the coffee. And especially, you should only pour egg cream on coffee to make egg coffee when you can enjoy it right away.

Or, if you want to enjoy this egg coffee longer, you can put the coffee cup in a bowl of hot water. This helps keep the coffee warm, and the eggs don't get cold or fishy.

5. Where can you find it in Vietnam?

Located in Ha Noi:

Ca Phe Giang: It is undeniable that Giang's egg coffee, from its birth to the present, has never needed to be advertised. People keep talking about the flavor of coffee here, about the joy of sitting and sipping a little cup of coffee at a small store on a small street corner. Customers will flock to you if you perform well in taste, so Giang coffee is regarded as having an "excellent" natural musk flavor. The shop's egg coffee is available in hot egg coffee and iced egg coffee. Giang Café's coffee is appropriately made, without a fishy aftertaste. Instead, you'll get a delicious coffee taste with a greasy aftertaste when you drink it. A stunning coffee cup is produced when the golden floating egg layer combines with the dark brown coffee layer to make a gorgeous coffee cup. Egg coffee in Giang is created not only from ingredients such as eggs, milk, and coffee but also with ingenuity, sophistication, and its unique secret in each stage. If the wrong ingredients are utilized, whisking the eggs quicker or slower by a second can also change the flavor. You might feel many things while sipping on g a cup of egg coffee in Giang. It's not simply meticulousness and care but also a genuine love of the job.

Vuon Pho Co Café: Vuon Pho Co Cafe is a famous coffee shop not just with Vietnamese visitors but also with foreign tourists. The shop has an ancient, vintage atmosphere that isn't overly decorated but evokes a unique attraction. The business is located on the top floor of a historic building, from where you can enjoy the scenic Hoan Kiem Lake and the pleasant Hanoi breeze.

The pleasant aroma of egg coffee entices visitors to the Vuon Pho Co Café. The egg coffee here is the same as at other coffee places. However, the coffee cup has been crafted to appeal to the eye, which moderates sweetness, producing a soft sensation on the tip of the tongue with a smooth, aromatic coffee flavor. At the weekends, sitting with a cup of coffee and a cup of sunflower seeds at the Vuon Pho Co Café is genuinely remarkable.

japanese coffee

Located in Ho Chi Minh:

Lưu Gia café & food:

According to the traditional recipe, egg coffee does not have a fishy smell since the eggs are only taken with the yolk and de-fished with flavorings and herbs. The area is tight, but it's cleverly laid out with two delightful floors. Upstairs is calm, like milk tea cafes, air-conditioned, and with jazz music playing, ideal for gatherings and working sessions. The ground floor has a more casual esthetic, suitable for those who appreciate naturalness and simplicity. With such an excellent environment for enjoying coffee, people may claim this place to be one of the spots to

enjoy egg coffee that tourists cannot miss when visiting Saigon. The unique combination of three drinks is called "egg coffee, egg cocoa, and egg matcha."

Lang Cafe:

When you visit Lang Café, which is located on the street in the heart of District 10, you will feel as if you have entered an entirely peaceful world, your realm. Lang Café is designed to be a welcoming clubhouse with a completely distinct welcoming style that will present you with a variety of surprising and thrilling experiences. You can wander about and have egg coffee in a pleasant environment with soothing sounds and colors. The second level, with its open, significant, distinct, and quiet space, is ideal for gatherings, birthday celebrations, etc.

Lang Café serves a nutritious, delicious, and hygienic egg coffee with ice cream for breakfast, prepared by expert chefs. This is also a peaceful area where you can surf the web, chat with friends, or work on your computer.


The line of people and cars below can speed away, diners arriving here can only sit for a second before hurrying away, time still flies, but the bitter-sweet flavor of egg coffee will remain with you for a long time. It is like rock music has been available for many years and has not ended, and we always have a complete domain of memories to recall.

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