Dream of Japan Stories

Welcome to Dream of Japan ‘STORIES,’ where two days are never the same. Each product at Dream of Japan is a tapestry of untold tales—the who, how, and where of their creation and the threads that weave them together. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

On some occasions, we welcome you to delve into the scientific intricacies behind the workings of tea, coffee, and many other Japanese products. On other days, we take a walk through the streets of Japan, discovering the best underground cafes and Kissatens. If the day calls for it, we dedicate time to debunking the myths surrounding Japanese kitchen knives. You will also get real-life stories from behind the curtains at Dream of Japan, for example, how we broke a precious teapot while trying to film a homepage video (and the valuable lesson on Japanese philosophy that it taught us). Regardless of your interests, we hope and believe that you will find information that is not only helpful but also sparks curiosity, fosters discussions, and leaves you with plenty of food for thought.

We firmly believe that every artisanal product has stories that unfold in the Receiver’s hands. These narratives in turn inspire us to create and share meaningful stories in our daily lives.

Welcome to ‘STORIES’ from Dream of Japan.

Let’s create stories together.