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Our story

Our story started with a Japanese green tea called Issaku. Issaku was my favorite tea when I lived in Japan as a child.

The tea is grown in sugarcane soil and was my go-to souvenir from visits to Japan, as my American friends loved it. The tea is less bitter than other green teas on the market and was unavailable outside Japan.

I asked the farm if I could export it to the USA. I was lucky they said yes. I submitted the tea to the Global Tea Championship.

The tea won the Global Tea Championship three years in a row.

This was the start of our story.

Premium Green Tea - Issaku Reserve
Issaku Japanese green tea that won the Global Tea Championship

The tea won the Global Tea Championship three years in a row.

This was the start of our story.

Later, we decided to introduce my favorite coffee, which is unavailable outside of Japan, called Sumiyaki coffee (炭焼き).

We researched and were again lucky to partner with one of the best Sumiyaki coffees available in Japan.

We decided to focus on bringing rare Japanese products to the world; we hope to share their true stories with you.

Kei Nishida

Kei Nishida



Upholds the spirit of Japan with master craftsmanship and exceptional quality.



Inspires meaningful experiences by uniting the community or uplifting one’s sense of purpose.



Improves wellness and mindfulness, enriching one’s quality of life.

Our three pillars

We are big believers in mindful, meaningful, and healthy product consumption. That’s why every store and product we represent is handpicked based on the following three values.



Meet The Visionary Behind Dream Of Japan

Kei Nishida’s journey began when his reverence for green tea led him to establish Japanese Green Tea Co. With a deep commitment to sharing the highest quality teas from Japan with a global audience, Kei’s venture quickly flourished. He went on to establish Japanese Coffee Co. and Japanese Knives Co., fueled by his success and entrepreneurial spirit. Kei’s resolute vision has enabled him to harmoniously merge these exceptional ventures under one roof, thus giving rise to Dream of Japan.

Kei leverages his background and skillsets as a software engineer at Hewlett Packard (HP) to guide his cutting-edge pursuit to source the finest Japanese products for the global market. With unwavering commitment, he curates meticulously selected offerings that embody Japan’s rich heritage and cultural craftsmanship. In addition to his accomplishments as an entrepreneur, Kei is also a published author. He has written multiple books and articles on the topic of tea!

Kei Nishida